Vitamin B6

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, and the following is NOT medical advice. It is merely a list of things that have helped others during opiate withdrawal. Before starting any regiment including any medicine, it is imperative that the patient discusses it with a licensed physician. Some of the medicine listed can react badly with certain foods and other medicines.

CAUTIONS: “Scientific studies have shown that B6 can be dangerous in very high doses. One study suggested that long term use of doses of 500 times the recommended daily level may cause damage to the nervous system. A second study found adverse effects in humans from ingesting a dose as low as 50mg a day, although there are question marks over the methods used in this investigation. The government plans to limit the sale of over-the-counter B6 to 10mg doses, with a doctor’s prescription needed for larger amounts.” -BBC NEWS[2]

USEFUL FOR: Depression, anxiety, insomnia, sex drive

DESCRIPTION: Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. It is found in foods such as nuts, fish, chicken, bananas, and green beans. Deficiencies of vitamin B6 can cause depression, anxiety, lowered sex drive, insomnia, water retention, weight gain/loss, and inability to process glucose.[1] Vitamin B6 also increases the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter thought to be involved in mood regulation, and GABA (GABA receptors are thought to be responsible for the effects of benzodiazepines) in the blood.[3] During opiate withdrawal, it is important we treat our bodies with the utmost respect because a lot of people neglect their personal health during active addiction. Vitamin B6 can help with mood, and insomnia, while helping keep our bodies balanced healthily. It is available for purchase below from a variety of reputable sources.



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