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November 2014
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5 users resposed " I was going to call this blog “Ten things I Hate About Heroin” but… "

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May 14 2008


1 I no longer have to hurt myself, people I love and other people.

2 Quiting means much more financial freedom as you said, but you are also set free in so many other ways when you quit. Just think about the dreams, goals, aspirations you might have had before becoming a junkie and what you are and what you might become if you continue with heroin and other drugs.

Also, think about Heroin/Drugs can do to you and places it can take you:

At an NA meeting yesterday which I attended, one guy called Imran was sharing about how his childhood friend [using friend as well] died while he himself was away for a while. When he came back he found this friend of his dead in a dump. It was in an area called mutton market in our city. Apparently his friend had been so siick that he could not even walk anymore so there was no way he could score heroin anymore, he had died in painful w/d’s almost naked on cold winter night !!

Imran found him lying in the dumpster almost completely rotten and all his fingers and an ear and part of his nose had been eaten by Rats !! His friend must have been dead there for 2 days at least but who cares about a drug fiend, the shopowners nearby had just thrown his body in the dumpster.

And guess what, heroin still did not let go of Imran, he quit for a while after this shock but started again and only after a few years of more misery and jail terms was he able to quit for good!!

Heroin/Drugs can fuck anyone who tries them no matter how smart they think they are …

May 14 2008

not only do you have financial freedom after quitting but you are also set freen in so many other ways, you can then be free to become all that you can and lead a meaningful life!

Think about the dreams, aspirations you had before becoming ajunkie

February 3 2009

hi. i was really moved by this, and am also a recovering addict. in one of my classes at my university i need to interpret a prose piece. this would require me to eventually read it to the class like a monologue, i will basically be reading it as you, if that makes sense. almost like acting. i wanted to get your permission to use it, and was wondering if i could have your name (or maybe even a good pen name) because i will need one in order to use this. you can contact me at

thanks for your time, and thank you even more for your words.

May 18 2009

11. I will get a whole bunch of “First time I… (e.g. went to movies with girl, went to coffee shop to read paper, went to current job) without shit” experiences! These experiences are magical and add so much value to my recovery.

February 22 2010

hi this is my first day not taking heroin, your blog is really helping me thank u

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