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General Information

Drug Addiction & Treatment

  • Suboxone – Office-based treatment for opioid dependence
  • Methadone Support Org. – An official Methadone Anonymous web site
  • Narcotics Anonymous – A 12-step, international, community-based, spiritually-oriented program for recovering drug addicts
  • SMART Recovery – A program of recovery based on self-management & recovery training with ideas based on scientific research, logic, etc.
  • Opiate Detox Recovery (Forum) – Discussion forum for addiction to opiates
  • The Detox Forum (Forum) – An open place to share about addiction and recovery

Prescription Drugs

  • – Information, interactions & side effects of prescription drugs
  • RxList – Drug index for prescription drugs and medications

Harm Reduction

  • (Forum) – Available to those who use opiates, for those researching opiates, or for those who have questions regarding the use of opiates
  • Bluelight (Forum) – Open information and discussion board about MDMA (ecstasy) and other drugs
  • – Promoting health and safety within the rave and nightclub community

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