Mission Statement


Before making any decisions regarding your health, please review your ideas and confirm all data with a licensed medical professional. We are not doctors, and therefore may not give medical advice. All information contained within this site is to be used for educational purposes only.

Education & Integrity

That’s Poppycock is a public service web site intended to educate the general public about the class of drugs known as opioids.  Opioids include prescription drugs like OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin, and illicit substances like heroin.  Our goal is to provide unbiased, reliable information about the most commonly used opioids.  We are not affiliated with any organizations or companies, and go to great lengths to ensure the information comes from noteworthy sources.  By deepening our understanding of this class of drugs, we hope to reduce the incidence of addiction and dependence, and any associated harm.  It is only with great honor and integrity that we present this information to the public. We are here to serve you, the people.

Two Takes on Addiction

With respect to addiction, we have taken a dual-pronged approach—harm reduction and abstinence.  While employing both approaches may be controversial or seemingly counterproductive, it is important that we recognize the realities of drug use, and differentiate between use and abuse.  Consider the following:

  • In order for a person suffering from addiction to abstain from drugs, he or she must make a conscious decision to stop using.  In this case, pushing abstinence may likely result in failure.
  • Relapse is a normal part of recovery from drug addiction.  Being educated about topics like tolerance can save a person’s life in the event of a relapse.
  • Some opioid users are prescribed these medications for legitimate purposes.  Understanding the effects opioids have on the brain and body, as well as the addictive and reinforcing properties is imperative for educated decision-making.

On one hand, TPC! provides pill identification guides that aid parents, law enforcement, and others in identifying unknown prescription medications.  For the educated parent, a child attempting to pass off Percocet as aspirin will not succeed in his or her deception, as TPC! provides a platform to research the mystery pill.  If we do not have information on the medication, there are other web sites that have similar features, including pharmaceutical companies.

We also employ and encourage what we feel is the Holy Grail of approaches—abstinence. We believe that any person suffering from drug addiction can recover, and have a chance at a normal, healthy, productive life.

Thank you!

The Internet has presented us with a grand opportunity to start this public service project. We feel extremely grateful and lucky that technical knowledge has aligned with drive in way that has enabled us to make a small difference in the world.  Finally, we are in debt to the community of individuals who have dared to share their often heartbreaking stories and experiences of opioids and opioid addiction with the world.  Thank you for visiting That’s Poppycock!

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