Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Comfort Medicine

DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, and the following information is NOT medical advice. It is merely a list of things that have helped others get through opiate withdrawal. Before starting a regiment with any kind of medicine, it is imperative that the patient discusses his/her plan with a licensed medical professional. Some of the medicine listed can react badly with certain foods and other medicines.

Other Names
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Depression, insomnia
Sominex, Tylenol PM
D- & L-phenylalanine
Pain, depression, etc.
Advil, Motrin IB
Muscle/bone pain
Kava Kava
Anxiety, insomnia
Imodium A-D
Diarrhea, etc.
Depression, energy, mood
Milk Thistle
Liver health
Centrum or generic equiv.
General well-being
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Depression, general health
Valerian Root
Insomnia, anxiety
Vitamin B6
Energy, depression
Vitamin B12
Energy, brain function

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15 thoughts on “Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Comfort Medicine

  • Ive had my norco habit for over six years. I started as leisure when my parents were dying. I honestly believe its what helped me get through college during that time. Let me forget how much pain i was in and focus. The problem is six years later I have an amazing career and a lot to lose. I didnt even attempt to detox until year 5. Oh my wow, Ive had children and was amazed at the level of pain i was in. Recklessly i thought it would just be cravings as i didnt know about withdrawals because i didnt have any addicting habits before this. Over the past 18 months this is my 4th serious detox. Each time is exactly the same. The stomach ache & using the bathroom is what got me because I work 65 to 80 hr weeks and cant take that many breaks without someone noticing. So to the people that stated imodium, thank you. I went on my lunch break and within an hour my boss told me i look like im getting over my cold (lol). It was a huge help and this is the first time I feel like I can seriously survive this, i hope the other suggestions get me through the night too because that part is awful & boring and the restless leg syndrome makes me want to peel my skin off i get so agitated. Does anyone know how to slow down your heart rate. At night mine beats out of control and it scares (is that what people mean as anxiety) because i dont feel anxious i just cant get my heart to beat normal

  • Oh and don’t go asking your Doc if these methods are ok to do….if Doctors really wanted us well they wouldn’t keep feeding us these pills /Sub’s . For me the pills were never bout the high, it was the fear of WD, the physical bone pain, the being exhausted for no reason, anxiety…feeling like your gonna crawl out of your skin. Bottom line..Doctors and Pharmaceutical Cos do not make cures, they make customers.

  • I know the pain and feeling like your gonna die goin thru WD. I was going thru a script of 120 30 mg oxys in two wks for over a yr. Like a lot of ppl I was started on oxys for legit disc n sciatica pain. I was taking them as prescribed like so many but when my pain seemed to ease I wouldn’t take any pills and by the next evening I was feeling like the flu was coming, so all I knew was when I took pills I felt fine, at first addiction wasn’t even a thought. As wks went by I got involved in script fraud n ended up being arrested and my world crashed! I opted for Suboxene therapy not knowing that’s addictive! Let me say before I took the first pill I had NO clue bout opiates( thought that was only herion) and was ignorant to them, didn’t help that the Doc giving them to me NEVER said one word bout being addictive. Anyway was on Subs for 1 yr, as of Sun I took the last 1/2 of a 8mg film. Lemme tell ya bout Sub’s….ADDICTIVE!! U want off pills/Sub’s?? Go get biggest bottle of generic Immodium . UNBELIEVABLE! Where has this wonderful lil helper come from!? I had doubts, but honestly the only thing nagging me is bit of headache. No aches(other than normal aches from age lol) no bone pain, sleeping great, eating, working. I can function! If you really are tired of being a slave to pills and want to quit, try this stuff! If your like the rest of us addicts popping handful of pills is easy, literally take least 30 Immodium few times a day, I prob ate over a 100 today but hey , I don’t feel like death n Immodium IS NOT ADDICTIVE NOR CAN YOU OD ON IT. I also grabbed 2 bottles of poppy seeds from spice isle at store, I just pop the top n open wide lol. The tea is so horrible I almost threw that up. But swallowing seeds whole n wash down with Grapefruit juice. Not sure if that’s playing a part in feeling good or not but I’m gonna keep doing same for few wks n the see how I am without any of it. I’ll post back BC not many of these are recent posts.

  • I been on suboxone for bout 3 years now n i finally have made my mind up I’m quitting cause it was destroying mine n my wifes relationship so i came to s.padre island to stay wit my dad cause i knew no one down here has even heard of suboxone I’m on like day 6 or 7 cold turkey no otc remidies n i would not advise this at all I’m a 27 year old ampro skateboarder n thought i had a heart attack last night couldn’t sleep I’m miserable gonna try these methods sice I’m right on border i can get xanax otc in mexico stay strong everyone

  • I am starting my detox by morning time. Took my last dosage of 10 mg of nocor. If gone from taking 15mg 3 times a day to 25 mg a day It’s not enough I want to stop everything. I literally don’t like the high. But due to my back and disc problem I get prescriptions on a regular basis. Just tired of being on them and I also have family that takes my prescription or their habits also. I have to do this for myself and my family who is also addicted. Maybe if they see me get through it then they will try. I have kids and they need me full time. I bought the Imodium ad and some naproxen gel caps. I will start my day tomorrow. Scared because now I only take a 7.5 in the morning and 10 mg mid afternoon then a klonipin at night to sleep. In lowered my dosage extremely to help with the withdrawel. We will see if this Imodium works. I have softball games everyday of the week for my kids. I need some comfort. Does anyone know how many I should take of the immodium without over dosing ? Help.

  • I am coming off opiates never used H a day in my life. But been taking loratabs 10’s, 5’s, and vicodin, 5, 7.5, 10’s, and percocets 5 not all at once but thats what I take. I did my last vicodin today or narco and I am looking for OTC drugs to help with the withdrawal I heard immodium ad works but can robutussin work too? I am also prescribed klonipin 1 mg 2x;s a day for anxiety if I take a xanax to help and get tested with xanax come up or will it jst come up as a benzo ?

  • Been on pain meds for neck injury for 4years now the doc is messin with my meds and now I am out for next 2 weeks! How do I survive this? Anyone? Help

  • Ladies and gentleman I would like to share with you the miracle drug for withdrawal. For many, many people, this magical substance eliminates most of the symptoms of withdrawal. The drug is Loperamide (Imodium A-D).

    For those that are curious how an anti-diarrhea medicine can eliminate withdrawal, you need to know something about loperamide. Loperamide is actually an opioid-receptor agonist, almost like oxycodone or heroin. The key difference is that loperamide does not cross the blood-brain barrier and thus does not affect the CNS and therefore cannot get you high. It binds to opioid receptors in your gut though and that’s why it is such a good anti-diarrhea medicine.

    So it can’t get you high and it makes you constipated. What good is it? Well if you do a search online, you will see hundreds of reports of Loperamide being a wonder drug for opioid withdrawal. When taken at dosages higher than recommended (10mg+), it seems to drastically alleviate withdrawal symptoms. The effectiveness varies between individuals. Some people report that it only alleviated a few of their symptoms, while others may claim that it eliminated all of their symptoms.

    I myself am coming off of an 80mg~ a day (Intravenous) Oxymorphone habit cold turkey. This is my second time coming off like this. The first time was hell. I never felt that bad for such a long period of time. I wanted to amputate my limbs. I wanted to escape my body. It was agony for days on end. Things finally let up after 5 days. Contrast that to today. I am on day 3 of my withdrawal and I swear I have not a felt a single withdrawal symptom other than a brief runny nose on day 1. This time I am taking copious amounts of loperamide while I experience withdrawal (20mg+). I bought a nice large amount of loperamide at Costco – 400 caplets, 2mg each, for $4.99.

    On loperamide I actually feel normal when I should be in withdrawal. I even have normal levels of strength and energy. Last time I was in withdrawal I was so weak I couldn’t carry grocery bags.

    The only thing loperamide hasn’t helped me with is the mental craving. But that is addiction and there is no magic cure for that. But when it comes to withdrawal, nothing is better (other than more drugs, ha).

    As an added bonus, Loperamide is an excellent drug for maintenance as well. The effect is long lasting so it could keep you out of withdrawal all day, when you find yourself in a situation where you just can’t get high.

  • Honestly I have been dealing with opiate pills for about 3 years. I have gone threw withdrawal 3 times. I have been taking suboxone for a year now and have no more left. I tried to cut down and cut down before i ran out. I am out now. I am starting to feel the normal symptoms. xanax def helps with sleeping… but its really hard to find other things over the counter that help…. I know that i have no energy and everyone else prob feels the same…but keep active does helps with the restlessness, anxiousness ect..taking hot bath, hot showers and night before bed will help u sleep for a bit but not the entire night obviously. you might need to wake up and do it several times. Also try to right, read, keep your mind active. I know this will sound gross but having orgasams regularly helps…pleasures to the brain…I am going to try some of the other suggestions but we all know that it SUCKS, ITS HARD, I wanna cry im sure you all do. But just typing this and hearing other peoples stories help also. Lets all remember what we are going through and lets NEVER let ourselves in this position again.

  • IN my second day with out my hydromophone, I want to get off of this drug so bad, but am in alot of pain everyday due to a medical con. My whole body feels tight I just want to sleep but cant, i feel terrible, going to the bathroom every hour and working my full time job on top of all of this. I bought some withdrawl ease a few days ago, had anyone tried that and does it work? Hos to pay a good bit of cash for it, so i hope it will help.

  • i read that potassium helps with RLS and you get alot from bananas. just what i heard, fresh fruit is also good for the gut. can’t hurt either way. goodluck!

  • well as of today i have 9 days clean first time i detox without going into a detox n being put out for 5 days so i never knew i withdrew….. well i know i did this time so very painful no suboxeon this time.. my energy level is 0 to none i have kids to take care of n its so hard.. I am in a new state where i know noone except my brother n his wife..Im nervous scared n need some advice

  • I have been a very heavy heroin user for the past three years. I have fully detoxed myself two times so far and only have 9 days clean this second time. I have tried all of the remedies for the home detox. Honestly, the only noticeably effective substances are the ones that have some psychoactive properties. Benzo’s such as xanax or valium help very well but do not completely alleviate the withdrawal and you are also putting yourself at risk for another addiction with a different drug that believe it or not can have worse withdrawal symptoms than any opiate. Naproxen or brand name Aleve tends to alleviate some of the cramps throughout the body a few days into detox. When the Aleve cant quite cut it a warm to hot bath actually significantly reduces cramps for about 30 minutes and tends to help you rest for and hour or so depending on the day of detox. Imodium helps with diarrhea and some people claim that it helps you feel better due tho the main ingredient being the only OTC opiate here in America. There is much debate on whether this drug makes it to the brain to react on the central nervous system or not. I took Suboxone the first detox and I was up and running about a week later. I have chosen to quit without Suboxone this time and detox is taking significantly longer than before. I’m on day 9 and I am still short of breath when I go up or down the stairs. My appetite is not fully back yet and I have had constant acid reflux that I can relieve with tums or something similar to that. No matter what you take terrible withdrawal symptoms are inevitable. If you are serious about quitting then be ready for a painful and uncomfortable ride. Detox is never fun and I hope this time is my last.

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