Suboxone vs. Methadone

  1. Overview of Suboxone & Methadone
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. There’s no miracle cure for addiction!
  4. “Don’t meth it up, get subport!”
  5. “We all have belly buttons, but your’s looks funny!”
  6. Comments & User Experiences

I. Overview of Suboxone & Methadone

Classification Full Agonist Partial Agonist/Antagonist
Half-Life 8-59 hours 24-60 hours
Other Active Ingredients None Naloxone (opioid antagonist)
U.S. Legal Status Schedule II Schedule III
Dosage Schedule Typically Daily Varies (Every 1-4 days)
Visit Setting Clinic Doctor’s Office
Visit Frequency Typically Everyday (Varies according to program length, state laws, and other factors) Monthly – Biweekly
Abuse Potential High Moderate
Severity of Withdrawal Severe Mild-severe
Ceiling Effect No Yes

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II. Advantages & Disadvantages

Methadone Buprenorphine
Allows addict to temporarily avoid withdrawal symptoms Yes Yes
Allows addict to obtain medication in a safe, clinical environment as opposed to the streets Yes Yes
Eliminates many health risks, such as those associated with IV administration Yes Yes
Dosage can be controlled and gradually reduced Yes Yes
Available at a relatively low cost Yes Not Usually
Level of addiction High Moderate-high
Daily clinical visits required Yes No
Causes euphoria Sometimes Rarely
Level of withdrawal Severe Moderate to mild-severe
Short duration for withdrawal No No

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III. There’s no miracle cure for addiction!

The information listed above is intended to help guide anyone seeking to start an opioid replacement therapy regiment, whether the purpose is maintenance or complete detoxification. It’s extremely easy to run around the World Wide Web collecting facts about addiction, and reading peoples’ experiences with opioid withdrawal, only to scare the desire to quit right out of your bones; however, we must remain confident and remember that this is exactly what our addicted mind wants us to do. We will convince ourselves somehow, someway, that we need to stay on drugs, that “this isn’t a good time to quit,” and we are “better off” taking opioids on a daily basis.

Whether a person is taking Suboxone or methadone, the body will still be physically dependent on opioids as long as this treatment is continued, but it can make all the difference in the world to some folks — if there is a desire for freedom from addiction. Neither drug will work wonders by itself. Recovery is a process that, much like a car or truck, requires constant tuning and retuning, reflection, effort, persistence, and a good knowledge base. Coupled with an experienced drug counselor, support group meetings—whether Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, or SMART Recovery—and a positive attitude, methadone or buprenorphine can help pave the highway to a drug-free life, a life worth living.

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IV. “Don’t meth it up, get subport!”

There are horror stories on both sides of the fence. Both Suboxone and methadone offer their own unique benefits; however, most of the stories about individuals coming off of Suboxone pale in comparison with coming off of methadone cold turkey. Your mileage may vary—this is largely dependent on the individual. In my own personal life, I have found Suboxone to be the better treatment for opioid addiction. I have experience with both drugs; I used methadone for detox on one occasion, and took Suboxone in the long-term. Suboxone helped me to break old habits, and it definitely prevented a relapse or two! I won’t reiterate the advantages again, but I will say one thing: if you have to choose one, make sure you do extensive research and consider all variables.

If at all possible, don’t use either drug. Suboxone and methadone should be reserved as tools, your last resorts. It is counterproductive to use either drug during active addiction (to those out there that use it in between fixes). This drug is here to help break associations with the drug underworld and get people back on their feet again, and using it any other way creates negative connotations in your mind. A lot of doctors are too quick to prescribe these medicines. For people with small to medium-sized hydrocodone habits, taking Suboxone or methadone is akin to using a saw to cut your sandwich in half—overkill. Long-acting opioids like buprenorphine and methadone are very tough to withdrawal from, and if you can stick it out for a week without using any short-acting opioids, you’ll be much better off.

A lot of people who start Suboxone end up being on it for six months or even two years when the intention was to stop after a month or two. That’s way too long for most people. An eight week program (or less) should be sufficient to reduce withdrawal symptoms to a bearable level. During those eight weeks, the patient should be involved in an intensive outpatient program. An intensive outpatient program usually includes attending support groups (NA, AA, etc.) three days a week, seeing a psychiatrist as needed, and speaking with a drug counselor. If the root programs, those which (a) led to drug use, (b) were exacerbated by drug use, (c) hidden by drug use, and/or (d) caused by drug use, are not acknowledged and fixed, the patient will likely find himself in a neverending cycle of misery and despair.

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V. “We all have belly buttons, but your’s looks funny!”

Methadone will help some people, and buprenorphine will help others. Every human being has a unique body chemistry, and some may tolerate one drug better than another. Before making any decision we recommend talking to people and finding out what worked for them. Make sure the people you are getting advice from are clean, and involved in some sort of recovery program, if possible. Do plenty of research and read the “Prescribing Information” for each drug. Talk to individuals in support forums online, and read stories… you get the picture. Before deciding on anything, educate yourself and remember, these drugs are not miracle cures, and without any extra effort & support, these drugs will be but a candle in the wind.

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97 thoughts on “Suboxone vs. Methadone

  • i have used both methadone and suboxone…..I was on methadone for 16 months before I was kicked off fo rsmokeing pot, they took me down 5 mgs a week from 80 mgs to 10 mgs, it wasn’t that bad as far as withdrawals……I relapsed after a week off the drugs though, so I went and tried the suboxone…….I personally find the methadone worked better for me than the subs, they both pretty much did the same thing as far as takeing away the craveings but the methadone seemed to work better, also it was as much as 70% cheaper around 300 a month vs $1000 fo rthe SUBS !!! if they were both about the same price I could see maybe takeing the subs instead as they give you a month supply at a time, but the onger you r in the methadone clinic with clean Urine Anaylisi they allow you take outs so if your there for 12-24 months you actually might only have to go 2wice a week……..anyhow having used both drugs I found the methadone to be better for me, kept the craveings away better, made me feel more normal, and the subs just had such a NASTY taste to me as well it was almost unbearable to have to hold it under my tounge for 5 to 10 minutes at a time while the drug dissolved…….the only pro I saw with it was they gave you a months supply at one time…….I also found it easier to find the magic dose as my methadone doctor would say, the right amount of medicine as you aren’t sick and not craveing anymore…..80 Mgs for me……anyhow they r both great for heavy addicts and deafintly try one or both if you are a bad addict like I was

  • I have been in moderate to severe pain practically my whole life, due to spinal problems. At one point, the pain was so bad that I wanted to die. I had done every single alternative thing that any doctor would do for me, and taken all kinds of herbs and supplements, acupuncture, osteopathy, traction, injections, you name it. I had also been to any number of pain clinics, and complied with everything. None of that helped. One day I walked into my pain clinic with no appointment, in tears, the pain was so severe, and I was put with a different doctor. He looked at my chart and told me that I had already done everything there was to do and there was no point in trying anymore alternative therapies. He told me that I would need to be on pain medication for the rest of my life starting now. This was not an easy pill to swallow for me. My family regarded me as an addict, as did practically everybody else. At first I was taking OxyContin because at the time that was about all there was to choose from, and I got myself detoxed off it twice in two different clinics because I did not like the way people treated me. However, the pain was so severe that I ended up going back to my pain doctor. As far as anyone can tell, I am NOT an addict. I have been in addiction programs and talked to addiction counselors and told that I did not need their services. The reason I am writing in this post is to give you my experience with a number of pain medications. I took OxyContin for probably six years on a regular basis, 24/7, and although it was better than nothing, I did not like the way it would perk me up for a few hours and then wear off before the next dose was due. I had to get switched off it because I started getting extremely itchy. So the next drug I took was methadone. This was a huge relief because I quit having the highs and lows associated with OxyContin. Initially, it made me sleepy. I was on it for another six or eight years, and I had all kinds of trouble with fatigue. There is no way I can tell whether the fatigue was from the methadone or from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because fatigue was a problem before I started on pain medication. Eventually, I started having withdrawal symptoms in between my doses of methadone, and by then Suboxone had emerged as a pain treatment. My doctor told me that I didn’t have to switch, but if I was his mother he would MAKE me switch. I was aghast because he told me I would have to quit the methadone cold turkey for a week or else taper off at at my own rate until I was not taking anything before I could start Suboxone. I decided on the cold turkey approach, and my doctor loaded me up with anti-withdrawal medications such as clonidine and Valium to help me make it through the week. By the end of the week, I was a wreck. All the medications had helped with my withdrawal symptoms but I was too messed up to even brush my hair. I needed help driving in to the pain clinic in order to get started on my Suboxone. Starting the Suboxone perked me up considerably immediately, but I had a mild high feeling for several weeks after I started it. Also, I had persistent withdrawal symptoms that lasted for months, and eventually I started taking Suboxone three times a day to suppress them. Now, I can tell you that I am clearer headed than I was on methadone, and my pain is adequately suppressed. I know that pain syndromes and addiction syndromes appear together for many people, and the road is not easy for any of us. I would not recommend the path that I took to just anyone who had pain, but if you are in severe pain and nothing is working then please don’t be afraid to try Suboxone. I understand that my pain clinic doctor has switched most of his patients to Suboxone. Of all the medications I have taken, I find the Suboxone to be the most comfortable in terms of not having highs and lows, and I do think that my head is clearer now. Before all this medication started, I wanted to die, so at this point I would say I’m clearly ahead, no matter what the medications have done to my mind and body. The only thing I don’t like about Suboxone is that there is nothing to take for breakthrough pain aside from ibuprofen or Tylenol. Sometimes they work but a lot of times they don’t. So, for now, I will take Suboxone around-the-clock until the next generation of pain medication comes out.

  • I weaned myself off of suboxone after being on it for several years and I’m still going through withdrawals and its been 3 months now. Granted the withdrawals aren’t bad, it’s constant diareah and just no energy to do anything anymore. I just hope this gets better soon. Please pray for me.

  • To everybody who use Suboxone, it sucks. Suboxone is just a tool for light addics and don’t use it as maintenance. If you already for years on higher doses of Heroin or other opiats it doesn’t work anymore after a while, because of the ceiling effect of 32 milligrams. If you wanne have you life back you can try suboxone only if you a light user only for 2 years or something, and it works maybe. But if you are a several user for many years it doesn’t work anymore because your brain is to fucked up, see Suboxone as a key who only fill the lock, but doesn’t turn. Because it is a partial agonist. You need Methadon because that’s a full agonist and turns the key. Believe me.

  • Im a 34 year old opiate addict. I had a 3 level lumbar fusion ten years ago, which opened the door for me to pretty much get whatever I wanted prescribed to me. I read through these post and mostly agree except for the loady talking about “the suboxone user wants to get better and the methadone person doesnt”, also “its impossible to get high off suboxone”. Both statements, in my opinion, are highly ignorant. you can give someone who isnt an opiate addict one fourth of a suboxone (2mg) and sit back and wath their behavior and how many times they throw up and such lol. I goty high off of it every day for the three years I was on it…8mg 3x a day. ITS A SCHEDULE 3 OPIATE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! so yeah it gets you high. yup works great for pain also…but some of us dont have insurance (me). Methadone cost me 7 bucks a day…suboxone was around 25 a day and thats just for the meds, not included is the monthly 75 just to see the Dr. This is my 3rd week on methadone, 50mg a day and doing very well on it. IT IS A MONEY RACKET THOUGH!!!!!!! MY SUBOXONE DR REFERRED ME TO THE METHADONE CLINIC…and guess who is the Dr. there??? ya kinda floored me too…same dang guy..With all of that said if you’re a real addict you know you are you dont need me or a blog to tell you that. I need pain meds on a daily basis for legit reasons…but the addict in me takes all of em then has to search the rest of the month…with methadone program it gives me some accountability…which is something I need as an addict all the while giving me the meds that allow me to focus on being a good employee, dad, and citizen rather than spending every waking second on my next fix… is my email if any of yall have any questions for me I’d love to help….

  • I was addicted to oxycodone for about 6 years. I had to have reconstructive surgery on my jaw and quickly fell in love with the feeling I got from the pain meds. At first, it was 1-2 a day and if I didn’t have them no problem. In the end, it was 15-20 15mg perks per day. I called a Suboxone doctor and admitted to the program. I was determined to get off the pills but I couldn’t make it through the withdrawals because I had two jobs and couldn’t be in bed for two weeks. I told myself I would use the Suboxone for 1.5 years. I made it off in 14 months and have been off for two months now. I have never used a pain pill since my first day at the Suboxone doctor. I got a job with my degree and am doing well. I thought it would never end but if you put your mind to it you can do it.

  • seems like one scam after another goes on but the pharmacy people and the doctors are making big big bucks off of people who believe in them. dont get me wrong some doctors dont do this. i just heard doctors are getting into the new sensation its a big money maker and its sweeping doctors off their feet. no more hospital calls no more late hours no more sick people and their making more money then they ever could selling suboxone to drug addics. or should i say giving them permission to purchase suboxzone. offices are cropping up all over the place now. theres a suboxzone doctor on every corner they may get as wide spread as bars did in neighborhoods through out the cities to accomodate addics and get rich doin it. dont ever forget unless you enter a qualified rehabb you will never get well again. one way to overcome addiction is rehabs.

  • If you are using Hydrocodone or Oxycodone (Vicodin or Percocet) then chances are you are destroying your liver. I strongly suggest that you offset that with 1000 mg of Milk Thistle-an herb you can purchase at Dollar General for $5 a bottle. When you have real pain due to an injury or disease it is necessary to take some type of pain medication as your body cannot fight the pain and the injury simultaneously. Those diagnosed with chronic pain should be under the care of a pain management clinic so they are moved on to more appropriate pain medication without the Tylenol compound that destroys the liver. If you take pain medication when you do not have actual pain, the opiate causes euphoria or a high feeling that is very addictive. Even the strongest person is susceptible to addiction after continued use. I used pain medication to ease emotional pain caused by the unexpected death of my spouse. It worked initially and I may not have lived through the pain without it, but the price you pay for opiate addiction is so high (no pun intended) that the ONLY WAY to get your life back, when you are abusing heroin, is through Suboxone in my opinion. My experience and observation is that people who are serious about getting better use Suboxone and people who can’t give up the high use Methadone. We used to call it the ‘nodding drug’ because, like heroin, the person under the influence of methadone just ‘nods off’ mid-sentence. Suboxone on the other hand does not produce that effect, in fact I could take 30 Suboxone and maybe get sick but it is impossible to get high. I have been weaned off of Suboxone a few times and go back on it whenever I go through a difficult time in life where I am tempted to use opiates to feel better. I am convinced that long term opiate abuse like mine changes your brain chemistry leaving you susceptible to repeated opiate abuse. However, Suboxone is also very expensive and so are the Physicians licensed to prescribe it. The manufacturer, Reckitt Benckiser, is not here to help anyone-they care only about how much profit they can make. As soon as their patent was running out where a less expensive generic tablet would have been available, they came out with FILM, and have all but discontinued the tablet. It’s sad that society has come to this. My compassion to all of you still suffering from opiate addiction-it is a soul destroying disease that does not stop itself. Suboxone is not perfect but it WILL give you back your life.


  • This is my first time writing about my addiction to pain killers. Within the last month or so, I have FINALLY convinced myself I am addicted to Oxycodone 30mg. I am 29 years old. I have been taking pain killers on a daily basis for 2 years. When I was 22, I was involved in a bad car accident. ICU for 9 days then transferred to a regular room. 2 hours after being moved, I didn’t get my dose of meds. Now when it dispenses automatically. But since I was moved, It wasn’t thru IV. 2 hours after being moved, I knew it was time for my dose of meds. I called a nurse and he said he will notify the doc. 1 hour later, I removed my IV, and sensors. I had nothing on BUT that gown. I was releasing myself. Why? Because I didn’t get my meds (go figure). Well before I left, the hospital gave me a script for some pain meds. Now at that age, I knew absolutely NOTHING about Pain killers, opiates etc. Went got the meds, followed the directions, still had alot of pain. Went back to hospital, wrote me another script for I guess something stronger. Took all those meds in 1 day! WENT BACK to the hospital and the doc was shocked I was alive. He said the amount of MG’s I had taken in a single day, I should have OD’d. Well Thats when I found out my body had a high tolerance. Well after the last time, I decieded NOT to go see any more doctors. Its crazy, thinking back to then, since I had no idea what withdrawal was or how it felt, it wasn’t that bad. I do remember not being able to stand still, no sleep etc (actually because of me going thru withdrawal back then, I had jury duty. I told the judge I was involved in a bad accident and had some brain damage. He said his sorry and to go home, well i worked! 7 years later and no Jury duty notices). ANYWAYS years pass by. Met a girl, we dated, I moved in with her, her kid and he brother. I didn’t know her brother was hooked on pain killers. Me and his sis break up and we literally became brothers. One day I strained my back a little and he gave me a percoceit. I felt great! I had energy, motivation. SO IT BEGAN. I only took perks on the weekends to work on side jobs, my car etc. Well didn’t take very long to become an everyday thing. I have NEVER stole money to get perks. I actually did mechanical work for my dealer (ex dealer). Well one day I went to the local walk-in clinic because I got a tip I could get 60 perk 10’s a week for $75 for visit and $40 to get em. Hell As soon as he gave me the script for 60 perks I was IN HEAVEN. I was dropping $125-$150 A DAY and now I only have to spend like $130 a week…. yeah ok. 5 months in. seeing the same doc every week. I had enough of the 10’s. I wanted 30’s. No questions asked, my doc wrote script for 60 30’s. Now I was in DOUBLE HEAVEN. for about 4 days…. I used to KILL a bottle of 60 oxy 30’s in 3-4 days and ended p seeing my guy when i ran out… In the last 2 months, I realised what my life has become. All I ever talked about or heard was “perk this” “perk that” blah blah blah. So I started making my meds last… for the second time EVER, I can make my bottle last for 8 days! Honestly it was a big improvement. As of today, and the last 2 weeks, I am down to 3 a day and half for when I wake up in the middle of the night starting to withdrawal. As far as meth clinics and suboxene, I am NOT going to substitute one narcotic for another.. Thats me tho. I am cutting down 1 less pill every 2 weeks. Until I am down to NOTHING. I am grateful for my Fiance for helpping me thru this. I told her about my addiction 6 months ago. She thought I was hooked for 6 months.. Well when I told her how long I REALLY was addicted to this “rich white man” drug, she started crying and told me something that made me stronger. Instead of leaving me, she is here helpping me get off this shit. Everybody is different. YOU do what works for YOU

  • Can I ask the group to offer suggestions to detox from a 7 yr prescription of the opiate fentanyl.
    worked up since 2005 from knee relacements major fusion on my lumbar & cervical spine. Recently it’s been 225 mcg every 48hrs (a 100, 75,&50mcg patches) and 6 600mcg Fentora per day.
    I’m 63 and would like to get off fentanyl forever.

  • Ok, I have been an addict for 12 years. I am 30 years old. I am an opiate addict, pills, heroin, ect.. I have also been clean for the past 2 years. I was on the Methadone program for over a year. To come off of Methadone they put me on Suboxone. Best choice I ever made..Now, I was on 105 mg of Methadone, came down 5mg a week to nothin. Had to wait 3 days to take my first 8mg of subs..That was a hell of a 3 days, but I did it, without using. I started coming off Subs, stayed on 2mgs for a few months..Then took 1mg for about a month. Even after 1mg, I still didn’t feel that well but not real bad, just anxiety and sleepiness, mostly. I was able to sleep at nite. So, I started taking .5 and .25 of subs to help w the anxiety. It did! But, eventually, I knew I had to go with nothing. I started to exercise and take walks, this helped w the anxiety and depression. Ohh, and one more thing, watch your coffee intake..U will feel very tired and think the coffee will help but it make the anxiety soo much worse..I limited my coffee to only 1 cup in the morning a day, anymore made me feel like crap. Anyways, it took about a month for the anxiety and depression to get better..I never used any other drugs to try to help this detox. You have to go through alittle discomfort, it can not me avoided. Do not go out seeking pills to help u through this, you will relapse. If I can do it, anyone can.

  • I wanted to personally write this out to the comment made by Stevie B. Thank u so much for your comment. I was an oxy addict (well, any type of pain killer I could get to get me thru) for a few years. My life went down the pipe. My brother is also a hard addict, he injects. I only took medicine orally (never snorting or injecting) but I had a h*** of an addiction. That being said, I have an Aunt who works in opiod addiction in Detroit Michigan. I was completely broke down. I had the world at my feet. I was 22, had a nice bank acct savings, my grandmother passed down 30 acres of land to my husband (who is also an addict). I was started on the full 3 8mg suboxone per day pills (strips weren’t available yet) and I am still currently on suboxone. I have weened myself down to about 3mgs per day now without much struggle. I have been sick from the suboxone (maybe just the way my body reacts to it, or just possibly bc I might have another underlying health condition). Either way, have NEVER used since I’ve been on sub and have not had the desire 2. I lost all my money when I was an addict, sold the land and began stripping to supply my husband and my habit.. I always paid for my own stuff. A lot of ppl will judge e for the stripping but I never stole things from ppl and I’ve always been very compassionate towards other addicts and seen the sadness in their lives. I always looked at them as tho their story was the same as mine and we are all just ppl who messed up.. That being said, I have went to about 20 NA meetings during the course of the 2 yes I been on suboxone. Last night was very very bad. I thought NA was about helping, being honest and having the desire and want to stop using. There was approx 35 ppl in the meeting.. When the open meeting was started, everyone was silent and I had a lotion my mind (my brother is about to die due to addiction at the age of 26, I am 28). My brother doesnt have the options to make the kinda cash I made and support his habit so I have no clue how he supports it bc it sure isn’t by working.. So I opened the meeting by being honest and sharing that I was on sub and that I was very concerned with my brother and him stealing, lying, he’s lost his kids, he nods out while driving, he’s been beaten up so bad that it’s required reconstructive surgeries and all he has left is his life.. He’s walking a fine line with death after 3 respiratory failures among several other overdose incidents. I told my story and at the end, I was basically crying my eyes out. I tried to quit cold turkey off of the Oxys and I failed immediately every time. Long term suboxone was a great choice for ME. Everyone is different but I needed the time to get my head back on my shoulders and rid myself of old addiction habits. After I told my story, I was horribly shamed by everyone in NA. They were so mean to me and told me that I was no better off then my brother (which angered me bc I knew it was a lie). They all were in such a hurry to get their voices heard, people couldn’t shut up fast enough. As soon as one person ended their last sentence, the next couldn’t wait to open their mouths and shame me. They compared me to a full blown junky still and I was very hurt. I felt so tormented at that meeting, I shouldve walked out but I heard them all out and left the meeting just so hurt. I actually threw up in the parking lot bc I felt like I was at my own lynching. I was very angry. I do NOT feel like I am any better than the next addict, but I am not okay with being attacked that way. I was not lying and not shameful. Was very honest and open. My brothers addiction is literally killing not only him, but my parents. My mother suffered a heart attack and my dad has had to have ambulances called not only for my brother, but additional ones for him bc finding your son not breathing and with a blue face isn’t easy on a parent. So I was trying to seek some understanding of how some people can be addicted for unto 20 years when they have nothing left to give. My bro has been hooked for 8… It was no coincidence that I quit exactly when my funds were drained fully.. I never wanted to steal from ppl, I didn’t want to hurt nobody. I just had a problem that was mine. I blocked others out and I was a bit of a rage a holic so I did hurt a lot of feelings and damage a lot my relationships. I do understand that the pain I caused was probably more hurtful than stealing from people.. But what I don’t understand is that I put my child in bad situations, I cannot lie. I still was a great mother, but I had issues and being on drugs made me a bad mother.. But if I had been confronted with the possibility of losing my child, I had to throw the towel in. It just wasn’t even an option. I’m sorry, I know this isn’t an NA meeting.. I just want to say to people that suboxone saved my life. I might be dead right now. Suboxone is expensive (so it’s not fair), but it is a great choice for me. My dad tells me that ya can’t heal a broken leg without a crutch and I find comfort in that. I would advise anybody who attends NA to not make it known that you are on suboxone. The people are very cruel. It’s one thing to give your opinion but it’s another to fully cast judgement over someone and shame them over something that you have no known knowledge or experience with. I got on Sub with the desire to quit and I’ve been working hard on it ever since. Good luck to everyone and sorry for the story post

  • I need to say something on here, i was a methadone paitent for a long time, and anyone thinking about getting on it to delay the withdrawl process, im begging you to reconsider, I had to go to an impaitent rehab where i was with many IV heroin users and let me tell ya, they were threw with the withdrawls alot quicker than I was. 6 days into it the Iv heroin users were feeling much better and actually abel to eat and sleep…I was going on day 19 with no sleep and incrediable pain, and let me tell you, the brain freaks out after not sleeping more than a few minutes here and there after that long. I hallucinated, my blood pressure was stroke range and the dehydration from lack of food and water was unbearable. Please for the love of God, just stick with the hydros and perks or even the freakin heroin befor you decided that methadone is a good choice. And if your gonna get on it, just know that to get off of it you will have to except that it will suck, and when you think its over, it will suck more..but laying in that damn bed begging god to just kill me is when i had to decided that either i was going to suck it up and give into the pain or i was gonna die on methadone.

  • Why is it impossible to have a discussion on any blog about benefits of takeing one thing over the other without having to listen to people telling their “WAR STORIES” and not only sounding proud of it but trying to one up one another???? GEEZ!!!!!!

  • Hoping for some advice. I was taking approximately 70mg a day of vicaden and decided to go to a clinic for help. Due to price, I decided to go for the Methadone treatment. My first day, they gave me 30mgs. I went back today and they knocked me down to 15. I have heard so many horror stories about the withdraw process. I have to go back tomorrow and was wondering to have them knock it down again. I want to be off of these as soon as possible. Hearing the quicker you get off, the better. Looking for any advice. Not sure if I should switch to Suboxane because of the withdraw or not.

  • Real quickly, the law enforcement lady Jennifer I think her name is, had posted that she is switching from Methadone to Suboxone because she said Suboxone isn’t a narcotic. SUBOXONE IS DEF A NARCOTIC!!! Do not use that information to base your treatment plan with. And I have used both Methadone (for 6 months at 85mgs) and had to kick cold turkey because I lost my insurance. That was the most miserable I’ve ever been. I am currently on Suboxone because at day 7 of being off Meth my girlfriend called the ambulance because of how violently ill I was. They gave me 14 suboxone and the number of a doc. Well, I’ve been on suboxone for 7 months now and I believe it is just as addictive as Meth or Oxycodone. I can’t function without it, and the WD’s are pretty bad as well. Hopefully this info helps at least one person not make the mistake of using these drugs for their addictions.

  • Ok so….I agree with alot of what ur saying and YES.. Suboxone and/or Methadone can be considered mericle drugs and they do help alot of people. I take Suboxone myself 3 8mg/2mg films a day. But I am from Kentucky and the prescription drug problem is nothing short of an epidemic, but alot of the community is hurting from this and almost ALL of the people I know using ( and this is a small town I know everybody) are looking for a way to get off drugs but just don’t wanna go through the withdrawal symptoms. No matter where u go to a Suboxone doctor ur gonna pay around $400 dollars a month plus the medication is around $8.00 dollors for just one strip. Now somebody taking three films a day on a monthly timeline with doctor bill and meds combined that’s just over $1000 dollors a month. NOBODY AROUND HERE CAN AFFORD IT. Suboxone has truly saved my life and I’m only 25 so I have plenty of time to fix my life before I mess it up. A lot of people are running out of time and I always hear on the news and everywhere else that the nations drug problem is bigger than me or you could even imagin but our nations legislatures and congressmen could care less. Here’s my point, If Suboxone treatment was more affordable there would be a BIG CHANGE AROUND HERE IN crime,poverty, and addiction. Something needs to be done about this, so if “the man” really wants to fix this nations problem, start with the real problem, it’s everywhere, and if ur reading this it’s in ur town as well. MAKE TREATMENT FOR ADDICTS MORE AFFORDABLE!!!!

  • First- I am hearing some stuff from people that seem to understand the science behind full opiate agonists, partial agoinists, full
    antagonists- naltrexone. Methadone, and the rest of the opis are full agonists. Sub is partial. If you are on sub, and take opiates-
    you will simply get a very diminished effect, and it will mess up the sub rhythm a bit. It does not put you into withdrawal. IF YOU ARE ON FULL OPIATES AND TAKE SUBOXONE YOU WILL BE KICKED INTO PRECIPITATED W/D. Which is horrible. Remember Sub has strong affinity for the opiate receptors- why it keeps craving w/d down, and any dope you take will simply try and get on any receptors that might be available. NOT SO the other way around. If you are taking dope, then take suboxone too soon after dope it will kick you into precipitated w/d. That is why going from methadone to sub is so hard b/c methadone stays in your sys for a long time and you often end up going into precipitated w/d when going directly from methadone-full agonist, to sub partial agonist-high affinity.
    That being said- Suboxone is insidious, makes you feel sort of normal- or quite normal depending on how much dope you were doing- but the honeymoon goes away. Tons upon tons of people are a testament to that. That is why- if you look above now they have Suboxone as moderate to severe w/d. Before 2007 around there- the withdrawal was supposed to be mild. “similar to coming off codeine”….. No, I have struggled over and over again to get off. I cannot function normally on suboxone. I did up to a certain point then began to get sick. I hope none of you go on it longer than (ideally- 4 days to a week)- more than a year- see how great things are after you are on it for 3 years, 4 years. It is horrible. It is also easy to relapse on if you have money.
    You must have money if you have a 100+ mg habit of oxys or a dope habit- 100+ dollars a day.
    Sub is a beautiful tool to use in detox- used for 4-5 days in decreasing amounts to get off of regular opiates. If you are absolutely sure you will never be able to stay clean- and you never ever want to feel clean again, then I suppose Suboxone
    is better for harm reduction. Ask yourself if you want to be on an opiate- partial agonist- the rest of your life and feel crappy
    for the remainder of your life. Take it from me- I am struggling once again to get off of suboxone. I was clean for 9 months.
    Slipped. Stayed on for 6 months, and am now going through w/d. Not fun- and to think it will be like this for months and months.

  • I am a single mother of a 4year old beutiful baby girl..and i never heard of 30millgrams oxycodones untill i wass at a party with my babysfather and he offered me one to chill out..i got so sick from it i swore i would never take anothor but once i learned how to take them without getting sick i started breaking them into halfs or even quaters to contiune a buz thru out the day..wellnow i am 3 and half years down this elf medcatated road and ive lerarn how to becomeuse and abuse them…i recently went to my primary cae and told him how i needed to change my ways or i ws going dies or losed everything ive worked for he put me on methandone for one moth and next month i should be on suboxone i dont wana be on suboxone because i dont believe it takes away my physcial pain but it is a mircale drug when it comes to the withdrawals of opiods..

  • Hi,
    I’ve been reading all the posts on this site and just had to chime in because ive read some nonsense from a few people. First of all, I was an IV heroin addict for about four years. Ive been on methadone and recently switched to suboxone. Both have worked somewhat well for me. The thing i wanted to say was…using methadone or any other opiate AFTER suboxone WILL NOT put you into withdrawls, you just wont feel the effects of it. Also, the naloxone in suboxone doesnt always work if you inject the suboxone, if you know how to do it ( not that im saying you should ) In my junkie days i used to bang my subs all the time in between fixes. Just saying…look around for your information, dont just get it from one person or place.

  • i think anybody who has a so called miled addiction to pills shudnt even go to methadone unless it wass like shooting oxys everyday ..i think suboxone works bettter for those who were on pain meds from a pharmacy not dope from the street we all know its totally different shit in there…i am speaking from experience from being on both percs and oxys for 4 years and 5 years on dope i tired suboxone and methadone at differeent times and it did nothing for me wen i was using dope, but wen it waws just the pills it worked better….the pamflit doesnt say do u know someone addicted to heroin or opoiods? it says i believe ” do you know somebody addicted to painkillers”

  • 1st let me say that methadone and suboxone are both bad. If you have an addiction to opiates and want to quit for good then there is only 1 way to do it… You need to get to the lowest amount you can and then try to stop cold turkey. If the WD’s are too bad (and they probably will be) to handle then take a quarter suboxone. Give it an hour and if you absolutely have to, take another quarter. It is best to not exceed a whole 8mg suboxone. You’re going to have to deal with some pain so realize that and be as strong as you can. The next day, take only half of what you took the day before. The third day, take half of what you took the 2nd day and so on. DO NOT TAKE SUBOXONE MORE THAN 4 or 5 DAYS! That is when you’re trapped. I went from snorting 60mg oxy every 2 hours or so (12 to 16 30mg pills a day) down to 3 a day and then took a half of a suboxone the 1st day, a quarter the 2nd day and nothing the 3rd day. It was difficult, but not as hard as when I quit cold turkey from just 4 10mg hydros a day. The pharm companies don’t want you to quit. They make they’re money by keeping customers around. I have quit a really bad habbit twice and I’m sharing this to hopefully help someone else. There is NO legal way to quit and not have some pain/discomfort. WD’s from methadone and suboxone are far worse than from opiates themselves. There is a miracle drug called Ibogaine that has saved hundreds of addicts from heroine to crack to whatever and they suffered NO WD’s at all, but the US government will not legalize it here because they make money on sick people… not healthy people. Unless you have thousands of dollars and can get out of the country for Ibogaine treatment, then listen to how I explained quitting. It works. I wish you all the best. A good way to motivate yourself is to remember that if you don’t quit, you’re gonna wish you did when you’re in jail suffering WD’s or a natural disaster or war causes the pharmacies to close and you’re stuck suffering. Ask those in New Orleans who couldn’t get their meds/drugs after the big storm flooded everything… if you can find any survived. There is one I know that made it and that’s Phil Anselmo – Singer of Pantera. I will pray for all of you. Don’t wait, start now and then help someone else do it too.

  • I am 35yrs old and my nightmare started 10 yrs ago. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled and the dentist gave me script after script of hydrocodone. Then I had to have another small surgical procedure done and of course my doctor gave me percocet 10. In this few months I became addicted to pain killers. My habit got so bad that I eventually got up to 25-30 pills a day over the yrs. The crazy thing about all of this was at the time my addiction started I had also just started a new career in law enforcement. I have always been a functioning addict, but when I ran out of pills for a day or so I had to call out sick and find another quack doctor to go to and spend more money. I got to where I was spending around 600.00 month just on pills because of course I couldn’t keep putting them on my insurance. Then 4yrs ago I got so sick of worrying about running out of pills and getting behind on my bills (and I just wanted to be “normal” again and have my life back) that I asked my pain doctor (he is a very good doctor, and he was my 1 real doctor besides all of the other quacks)to put me on methadone. He started me on 70mg of methadone and I truely feel that it saved my life, over the past 4 yrs I feel like I have gotten back control of my life and I don’t ever worry about pills anymore. In 4 yrs I have cut myself down to 20mg (I don’t care how high of a dose you are on you CAN cut down). Now this weekend I am currently detoxing off the methadone (that’s why I’m taking so long to get my point It has been 26hrs now since I took my last methadone. My bottle is sitting right here on the table in front of me though, it helps me cope knowing its here if I just can’t take it anymore. I have to be at my doctor to start on suboxone. I know some people say that its like trading one for another but suboxone is not a narcotic so in my case being in law enforcement it is a better choice for me, and it is suppose to get rid of the side effects that methadone can cause. I’ve seen a lot of people just nod off and fall asleep on methadone. I use to feel really sleepy when I was on a higher dose, I have been at 20mg for about 8 months now and its worked great, but I’m ready to take the leap and get off narcotics all together. I’m really scared, and I pray the suboxone works well for me. I did take a loratab 10mg just to try and ease the pain of the withdrawal a little. The withdrawals are not as fierce as they have been in the past, probably because my dose is so low and I am very determined to do this. I do feel very achy and I’m not thinking quite clearly but my stomach seems ok so far and I’m actually sitting up in the living room watching TV. I’m sure as the day progresses it will get a lot worse, but I’m going to do my best to hang in there and start my new beginning on suboxone tomorrow. I hope this has helped someone out there…it hurts but the end result is so worth it.

  • I have read all these posts and can respect each and every comment and story. I can only speak for myself here. I started hard, straight to the hard stuff, I started as a IV Heroin user. I wanted off Heroin so bad that I found out that Oxycontin would replace the Heroin as far as keeping withdrawls at bay. I was risking my life daily by trying to score dope, the people I was dealing with could have killed or raped me any second and they have to others. Anyways I started with the Oxy and then built up a horrible and very expensive addiction to Oxy up to 300mgs a day. I lost everything; jobs, homes, cars, you name it. Oxy is a very expensive habit. Well I saw many friends go through the misery of dealing with the methadone clinic, the humiliation of how they treat you, the having to go in everyday, basically to me this was not an option or realistic. I havent sought treatment because I thought I could never afford Suboxone. Well, I was wrong, I finally broke down after years of my secret addiction and told my doctor what Ive been doing. My doctor wasnt able to give me suboxone but was dedicated to helping me find a Sub doctor. I left crying because I was out of money and about to be sick because I was also out of Oxy. The next day my doc called and told me she found a Sub doctor that takes MEDICADE!!! Yes MEDICADE! I was at the Suboxone doctor within one hour. They treated me like a human being that mattered. They were so caring and understanding, the doctor assured me he would have my meds within hours approved by medicade and all, and guess what? He was right, he worked so hard to approve all of this within hours of my visit. I praise God for my Suboxone doctor, I havent felt this normal in years. I look different even. The light is back in my eyes, my kids can tell Im different. I feel Suboxone saved my life and will continue to praise this miracle drug. Im sorry but Methadone scares the heck out of me. It only takes a minimal amount of Sub to make you not sick and it lasts almost 36 hours at times. I have no cravings and can live my life without wondering how I will score dope. No more, thank you Suboxone.

  • I found this site very insightful. I really do believe it really depends on the person on which drug works best for them. My drug of choice was always methadone. I never was put on it for a heroin addiction or any other reason. That was what i liked to use. I loved the euphoria it gave me. I was up to 60-70mg by the end of 5 years of my addiction. I eventually was prescribed suboxone. The Dr. I see will give me either or. I know though that because of how much i like methadone, i will always abuse it. The suboxone was a miracle for me. I found that because i cant reach the euphoria with it like i do the methadone, i dont try to abuse it because even if i take a extra dose, it doesnt increase any high for me. I believe if i was to go back to methadone and have it “maintenance” I would still go find more to abuse. I dont think i could ever live a normal life with methadone. The withdraw i find is way to unbearable and you never know when something may happen that you cant get your prescription. I find the suboxone withdraw not as bad at all compared to the methadone. My goal is to not be dependant on anything. For now I am lucky enough to have insurance that covers most of my prescription and including the coupons they give on the suboxone website, i dont even have to pay for my RX. I really feel for those who find that suboxone works for them and have a hard time with methadone like me but cant afford the obscene amount suboxone is. I really do believe it all goes back to politics.

  • I would like to begin that Methadone ruins peoples life and families… financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. My husband started out on taking Lortabs, and Oxys and when the habit got to expensive he went to the Methadone clinic so he could get off of them. Well that was 7 years ago. He did awesome and didn’t relapse on Tabs, or Oxys at all for the whole 7 years. He did relapse on Xanax but that was short lived. He has been on just Methadone for 5 years and got all the way up to 145mg then dropped to 130mg and stayed on it. Then I began taking it after the birth of our youngest son. He would just give me 20mg a day but after 4 years it just wasn’t enough anymore, I began breaking into his lock box and taking out damn near half his dose and adding water. I did that for about a year. I weighed only 85 pounds and taking 50 to 60 mgs a day. I then started to take Klonopins to slow me down cuz I would go for days straight with very little or no sleep at all. I did that for about 3 months straight..then on June 24, 2010 quit cold turkey!!! I felt horrible, I couldn’t do anything at all, I was vomiting, had horrible aches and pains and couldn’t even bathe myself but with the support of my Husband, Mom, and Sister I made it thru. I have now been clean for 14 months and still feel abnormal at times with no energy or motivation. My husband still remains on Methadone at 85 mgs. He just tried to switch over to Suboxone and had everything set up. His last dose of Methadone was Thursday and he made it all the way to Sunday, he had good intentions on starting Suboxone on Monday but when we got the script filled…his insurance only pays $140.00 which left the balance to be $409.00!!! Way to much. He wanted to do it so bad that it breaks my heart that he was unable to accomplish his goal that he had his heart set on. So needless to say he is returning to the clinic in the morning cuz $86.00 a wk is alot cheaper considering the office visit every month being $80.00 along with the script. He wants his old life back before pills took control over it. I want him so bad to get off of it but it worries me cuz I still 14 months later have cravings for Methadone, and I just don’t want him to relapse and end up right back where he started. Methadone is good for some but not for all.

  • I have been on methadone five years now was up to 90mgs. I am currently at 8mgs now. My doctor decided that suboxone was the right choice for me at the time, but you have to go down to 30mgs to switch from methadone to suboxone. So I went down 10mgs a week to thirty. With absolutely no problem whatsoever. We tried switching me to suboxone and after the first day on suboxone I felt like my mind was clear, I felt “normal”. That night I started severe withdrawals to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore I had to go back to methadone. I did. Since then I have been going down 1mgs a week with no problems except for the sleepless nights. And working a 9-5 job with clients having withdrawal insomnia, it sucks. I have 8 weeks to go and I will be off methadone completely. I have been clean off oxycotton *that I was addicted to* for four years. I have no urge to go back to drugs, and hope I never will. To all the people that want to come off, you will not beable to unless your 100% positive you really want to. Everyday that you wanna go see your doctor to go back up on your dose, realize how far you’ve come. How much you have accomplished. It’s a huge accomplishment to get off methadone. To all the people that have addictions methadone is NOT the answer it’s not a “rehab program” that they tell you it is , neither is suboxone. It takes months to life to get off methadone. It isn’t the answer, it consumes your life, it’s embarrassing to have to pee front of someone 1-2 times a week, it is degrading. Thanks for reading, addictions are hard but having crutches for your addictions makes it harder.

  • I suffered a broken spine at 15 years old. I was fortunate enough to be young at the time and I was able to live a great life without using any pain meds. (after the initial recovery). In 2005 at the ripe old age of 26 I started working at a hard wood flooring factory. At that point I talked with my family doctor about some back pain. He referred me to a Pain Management Clinic. My first visit, this “specialist” put me on 270 “norco” (10 mg. vicodin/325 mg. tylenol) tabs. a month. Afetr a few months it went to 270 10 mg. percocets a month. Then it went to the 270 percocets and the 100 mcg. Fentanyl patches (3 day patches, 10/ month). Unfortunately at the age of 30 I was playing with my (then 4 year old) son, and in a freak incident I broke 7 bones from my foot up to my knee on my left leg. By this time, I realized that I was “hooked” pretty badly to the opioids. I told the doctor that instead of digging a deeper hole, I wanted off of the medications. He told me that Methadone was basically the miracle cure! He LITERALLY told me that I could use Methadone for however long I chose, that it would kill my pain and cure my withdrawls from the other pain pills. So, I started at 480 a month of the 20 mg. tablets. Since then (2009) I have weened myself down from 480 a month (16 a day) to 1/2 a pill a day (10 mg.). Let me tell ya, THE WORST, THE HARDEST thing I have EVER done (still doing). Now I know that I could be facing MONTHS of withdrawls! Through my years of addiction, I have met a couple that was addicted as bad as me to methadone, they are now on Suboxone and have been for a couple years now. In their case, they are FAR worse now than they ever were on Methadone. They literally traded on horrible addiction for another, however the Subs. are about 300% more expensive (no insurance will cover them) and they are nearly impossible to get (only a very limited number of doctors are legally able to prescribe them). I have been 2 weeks now without a single methadone. I have taken a few percocets to get by, will the percocets make my withdrawls worse? ANYONE who can help, or give me any advice, I would really appreciate it! Please e-mail me at

  • I think that methadone is most effective for opiate addiction. i dont know why everyone says it is so hard to cut dose down & eventually stop it all 2gether. i was prescribed hydrocodone then dr switched me to oxycodone bcuz i have degenerative bone disease & my back is very bad… from time to time i take a break from the opiates & used methadone for 2 weeks or so 2 avoid withdrawl. it was easy when taken properly. i then take motrin 800mg for as long as posb until the pain is just too unbearable & i have 2 go back 2 oxycodone. my point is that i highly recommend methadone if you are serious about quitting your drug of choice. it works so well & even makes u feel like you just dont want/need drugs and even alcohol. i cannot say same of subs bcuz they seem to make me very sick. if you want it you can have it {peace again}!! god bless & stay strong!!

  • Just want to say, Suboxone can be a life saver. No experience with Methadone. Do not let any member of a 12 step program talk you off of your medication, that is between you and your doctor. 12 Step meetings help SOME people, but not everybody. You can get sober on your own. You have other options such as SMART Recovery which use CBT techniques that can help you stay clean and does not require a submission to a higher power.

    Sub lets you get your life together and establish healthy habits and break associations you have. After three months I rarely thought about drugs. YMMV.

    It is extremely dangerous to tell people to get off of maintenance meds if you are not a doctor. Members of 12 step groups that try to shame individuals on Suboxone or Methadone should be ashamed of themselves. Sudden cessation of either drug buts an individual at a very high risk of relapse which can lead to death.

  • the point of taking methadone or subx is to gradually REDUCE the dosage… i am talking days or weeks at most… anything else (above 2 months, let alone YEARS) is ABUSING and as such is doomed…

  • Hi, For all who is wondering how suboxone works. I have been on it for about 5 months the first 3 months it helped alot with cravings and anxiety, but now my doctor left the clinic so i am now awaiting the clinic to find another doctor that prescribes. I no longer want to take suboxone because my cravings are back after 3mos of taking it. I want to try methadone but damn the stories i read sound bad?? I personally havent expierienced any withdrawl symptoms from the suboxone besides cravings and a little anxiety that’s about it. Suboxone in my opinion works but only a short time i’ve relapsed twice and it just makesme wanna do double the H. So that’s basically why i want to try methadone. Yup everyone is different but whatever works is the main key. Ive went 5 days without subs and got sick cravings no withdrawls though my opiod tolerance is high from the subs. Should i just wait for another doc or try the methadone?? Please your advice would greatly help me. Thanks

  • I’m writing this in response to ‘concerned girlfriend’. It’s been about 3 weeks since your post so he’s probably already swichted to the suboxone or gone back to the methadone. I just wanted to make sure you’re aware that suboxone will block all other opiates from working & will even cause withdrwals if an opiate is taken while on suboxone. This may not be a concern if he doesn’t combine the medications anyway. But when a person stops suboxone they can’t take any other opiates for 3-4 days(not exactly sure how long) but obviously it needs to be out of your system before switching to another opiate. If the goal is to get off of the opiates for good than thats no problem. But for someone in pain who requires some sort of pain medication for the rest of their life, it is a real problem because he will have to go through the same withdral situation your in now, all over again. Methadone is a better choice for people who are in serious pain. Suboxone is a better choice for recreational opiate users who’s goal is to get off the stuff all together. This is of course just my opinion (and my doctor’s). Another key thing to keep in mind is that everyone reacts differently to these medications. I’ve talked to numerous pain patients and it’s obvious that one medication may work amazing(even life saving) for one person and for someone else the same medication will work horribly(even making them feel like death). I hope this information is helpful to anyone considering methadone or suboxone.

  • my boyfriend has been on methadone for approximately five years now, and is currently switching from methadone to the suboxone film. i feel terrible for him going through the withdrawal from methadone and trying to make the transition to suboxone. i have never been or taken any type of chemically dependent substance so i have no idea of what he is really going through, i just know that it kills me to see him hurting. i cry laying in bed next to him feeling his legs rapidly move back and forth. he has only been trying to switch for a couple days now, but he feels so bad at moments that he’s ready to take the methadone again. i am trying to be stern and stay positive about the transition, but it’s tough because i know he is in pain. if anyone has some insight on this type of transition or some positive reinforcement i would love to hear it. thank you everyone in advance. my heart also goes out to each and every one of you who is struggled or has struggled with issues like this before. i have witnessed was drugs of all kinds can do to people, i have witnessed it go as far as death, and i just want to say that i am proud of each of you for doing what you have to do to provide a better life for yourself and the people around you.

  • I am reading all this back and forth about which is better, Methadone or Suboxone. Having been on both over the last 3 years trying to kick a mean oxycodone habit (we’re talking 500-700mg/day, and I only weigh 120 lbs!) it’s my STRONG opinion that it all depends on the person. Like probably a lot of people here, I’ve been through this certainly more than once…relapsing and starting all over and such. The first few times I was prescribed methadone, and the transition was relatively easy for me. Granted, I seemed to need less than most to keep the withdrawals at bay, initially they had me up on 55mg/day…which put me out like a light, all I did was sleep and couldn’t function at all I was so tired. (This is embarrassing, but I was so out of it, I wet my bed every night on this dose! OMG!) After the dose adjustment, I couldn’t believe how quickly my life began to fall back into place! I felt normal, and good, had no cravings, and started doing all the things I loved before my addiction. After reading about suboxone, I was curious…people said it was better, and easier to wean off from, so I tried the switch —from 18mg methadone/day to suboxone. Got a script for subs, waited the 3 days and started as prescribed. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I had AWFUL STOMACH PAIN, DIZZINESS, FATIGUE, CHILLS, SWEATS, terrible HEADACHES. Mind you, this was not precipitated w/d. I was just not that sick, just overall felt like total s**t. From what I’ve read, all my symptoms were consistent with suboxone side effects.
    By the grace of God I got back on the methadone, and everything went back to normal.
    I am back browsing these forums, because of bad circumstances we recently moved, and sadly my methadone bottle got lost somewhere in the madness, and all I have are the subs from my last nightmare. I am having the exact same problems/symptoms right now that I had last time. Thank God only a few more days of this and I will have my methadone refill.
    That said, please…talk to and be honest with your doctor or clinic. Neither one is better than the other! It all depends on how you re-act to the drug. If I had to stick with subs for myself I would be back to gobbling oxycodone like skittles in no time!

  • the first 3-4 weeks you dont have much energy it feels like the first hours after your last dose but strangly(and i say that cuz usually tolerance builds ) but it starts to feel normal again and if you got a month to enjoy feeling normal and then drop it half or a hole dose same thing repeated the closer you to get to ero theres a few challenges that get a little harder but if you did whats write in the beggining and change your number or leave town whatever you do just get out of the enviroment your in and the people your around and find new things to get involved in you will be on a partially natural high that works as a psychological affect, it can affect the way you feel up to 30-40% better or worste depending if you lay on the couch and think about it the hole time or if your scheduals so busy and you got alot of new friends it works in your favor

  • its nice to see that regardless if your life saver was suboxone or methadone, but everyone also understands our bodys and chemistry is so different you understand why one thing might work or you but not someone me my body never responded to suboxone even after i waited to let full withdraws symptoms kick in i took small doses larger doses..nothing…but methadone worked, i had an independent record label a studio lots ad lots of friends and associates and methadone helped me focus on getting them back and saving money to re buy my studio cuz i sold everything when i was on heroin.

    yes you cN reach euphoria on methadone…but let me tell you the one most important thing about quitting, its not the drug your using (subs,methadone) its you, are you taking what your prescribed, are you mixing with other stuff, are you selling some to buy hroin??saying eventually as soon as blah blah blah happens and my blah blah comees threw im gonna quit takin heroin ansd start following my doctors directions and get counseling.bullshit bullshit 98% of the time, sometimes it is a money issue but i know alot of people thats been on sub nd methadone and they just set them back for when they cant get oxys or gotta want it stronger then your addict personality or (demon) like i call him is strong and you gotta overcome him

    i went from 117 lbs im 27 male 8 months later 177 and sometimes my family crys just by looking at me beause i dont look dad anymore

  • please call them dones or just methadone i dont want the posse kicking my door down thinking im running a meth lab down here and i dont recommend calling your meds meth on the phone either especially on cell phones. The feds r the ones probably opening all these sites up anyways. i dont trust anyone even if u r a junkie.

  • I have read what I believe to be enough of these posts. I am not currently using opiates but do have a past that has included their use. First, it is my perception that all of this pharmaceutical drug pushing is not by accident. It is my point of view that we all are being used by and taken advantage by a yet to be indentified individual or group who are ploting to manipulate and control the masses. At present at least 20% of the populace of the U.S. are dependant upon some sort of drug dispensed by the pharmaceutical industry. If a national diaster does happen and the pharmaceutical factories are compromised the drug dependent individuals will be in a world of hurt. As any junky comes to know, no drug supply is for ever and will eventually dry up. Please don’t place too much faith in the establishments drug supply! It came to be one day the true nature of opiate addiction. The fact is that we (consciously) decieved our subconscious minds when we introduced opiates and other drugs to our bodies.I believe that our subscious mind erroniously believes that we need the opiates for actual survival. Of course we consciously know this not to be true but,if we are addicted, our subconscious minds will create any and all illusions to cause us to continue it’s opiate drug dependent heomeostatis. A prime example of this is the subconscious mind acutally distoring time itself within a withdrawal. Here in lays my most telling observation: If you are opiate dependant then every thought that you have is being first colored by the subconscious minds opiate drug dependent heomeostatis. In other words, any person who is dependent upon any opate drugs are living in a state of delusion. The establishment long ago has crunched the numbers and know that it is much better to make busy workers out of these addicts than actually curing them. Dispite the fact that a life time of opiate addiction will realistically reduce one’s life span by at least 12 to 15 years. No need for this establishment to worry too much about long term social securty for these addicts. Are you beginning to get the picture yet? The reailty is that 30 days without opiates and one is over the worst of any withdrawal. Don’t be deluded by the drugs.

  • Well sure, if u go off methadone w/out tapering to an ultra small dose you’ll most certainly have severe w/drawal, but to blame it on methadone itself is wrong. My only question: is it that hard to ween down to and then off 1 mg of methadone compared to 2 mg of Suboxone? I would think weening off 1 mg of meth would be far easier than 2 mg of Suboxone.

  • im thinking about getting on Suboxone…. i was on methdone for 2 and a half years at 70mls. ive gone clean cold turkey for 6 months before, 35 days before, rehabs , and all that…… and im telling you this… the withdrawls comming down milligrams on methadone is the WORST withdrawl ive ever experienced, worse than heroine,oxys, or any opiod combined….. like i mean its not even worth it, if ur thinking of getting on methadone, get some lorazapams or any benzos, go rent a cottage or somewhere safe with some sober people and tough it out, after 10 days you will feel better and thanking god u didnt geton methadone kus that shit is fucking a HELL HOLE to come offf…..

  • It’s interesting to read the diversity of opinions here – given that we’ve all had the same lousy experiences with opiates. Here is my opinion: I’ve done both methadone and suboxone. I’ve also experienced withdrawal from both drugs. As for using/maintainence, methadone is the clear winner over suboxone. As for withdrawals, suboxone is the lesser of the two evils. Methadone withdrawal is downright scary compared to ALL the other opioids. I have heard IV heroin users claim that they’d quit smack cold-turkey, but could never tough out methadone withdrawal. I agree. When I was in methadone withdrawal and desperately searching the internet for information, I learned that methadone was invented by Nazi scientists…it is true, only the Nazis could invent something so horrible. That said, Suboxone is no picnic either as the acute withdrawal stage is about 6 weeks. After that, PAWS can last a few months. Pick your poison, but, if you ask me I’d say don’t use M-done or Sub as a quitting point. I’d recommend transitioning back to a short-acting opioid like oxycodone for a month or two…and then quitting cold-turkey. This way you’ll feel better in 7-10 days versus weeks/months with the others.

  • The amount of drugs i was taking at one time in a day could have EASILY killed 3 non-addict people. And a couple more depending on their size..etc. I didn’t think I would recover from that. Suboxone literally saved my life.

  • First off…It depends if you want help to get off the opioids or not. I have been struggling with addiction for a years now. I have gone cold turkey off of 200mcg fentanyl(morphine patches), 80mg methadone, 16mg xanax, 350mg soma x8 (varies), 20mg of ambien, and would throw other little xanax and percocet/vicodin throughout the day.

    I was taking all of this together, everyday for about 8-9 months.

    All of a sudden i stopped all of it at once. Went about 8 days of living in the shower and no food/water…I literally could have died. The 8th day I started throwing up and wouldn’t stop. Went to the ER…was there for 3 days trying to recover.

    They put me on suboxone…NO withdrawals. After the last 4 days of swearing at God, He did something for me that I couldn’t do for myself….Anyways, suboxone is better (in my opinion) if you are serious about getting off the bad stuff because of the smaller possibility of abuse for IV users, pill eaters, etc.

    If you are on Suboxone, one day you run into an old “friend” that has heroin or oxycontin or w/e. It is easier to say no…knowing that it wouldnt do anything to you if taken while on Subs…Sorry for the long note…Just trying to get my belief in Subs over Methadone understood. Many, many positive things about Suboxone when compared to Methadone IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT QUITTING.

  • Another thing i should mention is that OF COURSE IM NOT A DOCTOR and in my comment below i say that you can get off Heroin with a weeks worth of methadone…(80mls over 7 days)this is true and its not long enough to become addicted to methadone, I did it a few times but because of my lifestyle i went back to Heroin. Although people bodies are different, the truth is that we are not really that different at all .. unless you have serious liver problems. Ive met countless people who tell me they are “unique” You are not unique, you are a drug addict and useing drugs to get off “worse” drugs will not make things ok, it will give you a platform so you have a chance to tackle the real problem…YOU! You cant do it by yourself..why would you want to anyways? IF YOUR ANNOYED OR INSULTED..GOOD,YOU SHOULD BE.. DRUGS HAVE JUST WRECKED YOUR LIFE!! SOLUTION: 12 STEPS, COUNSELLING,ETC

  • I have been on methadone for 5 years now and clean off of street drugs for 1 year i am now at 6 mls of methadone and have just heard about subs and ive been considering taking it for a couple weeks to kick the methadone, here in Vancouver the clinics dont give nearly enuff info about the side effects and withdrawl from methadone,also they want everyone here to be on a maintanence program which dosent serve everyone well, Methadone has saved my life and got me back into a normal life after a lengthy Heroin addiction…but now im dealing with anxiety,reslestness BUT ive found that if i excercise it is a great help and those feelings dissapate and i can sleep at night, i recomend if you are kicking a habit and cant take the withdrawl that you use methadone for a week, it will get you over the withdrawl then use clonadine (clonadine lowers your blood pressure) and it really helps with the restlessness (didnt do much for heroin withdrawl but helps with methadone) THE REAL ISSUE IS DEALING WITH LIFE ON LIFES TERMS!!I RELAPSED SEVERAL TIMES BECAUSE I THOUGHT IF I COULD JUST GET OFF THE DOPE THINGS WOULD BE GREAT….NOT TRUE!! I HAD TO LOOK AT MY BEHAVIOURS AND MAKE CHANGES IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE!! GOOD LUCK!!

  • I have not had street drug experience like many have. I am a nurse, a frequent migraine sufferer, and have mistakenly thought I was my best doctor and expert. I began with subcutaneous injections of dilaudid, which gave a nice freedom from pain and slight euphoria. Once, while trying to deal with a migraine, I made the decision to use it IV. I was plenty scared and used a very small dose. The “hit” was intense, about 8 seconds after injecting. I eventually began to grind up hydromorph contin capsules and strain the contents after dissolving in sterile normal saline solution. I am ashamed to say that I stole capsules from a relative and popped Tylenol #1’s in the capsules to replace the good ones. I knew I had a problem, but it’s easy to put off the reality of it. I ultimately used a month of the relative’s prescription in less than 2 weeks [1080 mg in total, and dilaudid is approximately 6 times stronger than heroin, 10 times stronger than morphine!]. I refused to try to buy street drugs. I tried accupuncture to avoid the suboxone clinic, but ultimately couldn’t stand it. I started on 12 mg/day of Suboxone, and life became sane. I was on it for about 1½ years, slowly reducing the dosage until I got to 1mg/day. Unfortunately, they don’t have smaller dosages to go to, and the withdrawal was too hard. I decided to use long-acting morhpine, 15 mg [my father died of cancer – they were left-overs] – using first 4 a day, then 3 a day, then 2 a day. Short-acting tend to produce more euphoria, which I want to avoid, so the reduction is slower. I looked up the narcotic equidosage for 1 mg of Suboxone a day – it said 150mg of morphine every 4 hours was equivalent – I started with 60 mg/day. I have had NO withdrawal pains at all, and I plan to dose down to Tylenol #1’s starting Wednesday [no prescription required for T#1’s in Canada!]. I have no choice but to scale down to the Tylenol #1’s because I’m leaving on an overseas vacation and CANNOT chance being caught with prescription morhpine without a script. I will have to write again to tell if things are going well; so far, I’m doing well. As an explanation to the switch from Suboxone to morphine, the half-life is shorter with morhpine, which means it clears the system faster. I don’t say that everyone should try this method, and I expect at some point to feel uncomfortable, but I have some Clonidine if there are problems [prescribed to help though withdrawals]. Withdrawal from IV hydromorph is intense ‘hell’ for a few days; Suboxone apparently can last a couple of weeks. We’ll soon see!

  • METHADONE METHADONE METHADONE!!! More and more Drs are using methadone for severe chronic physical pain. It costs less than all the others and it truly does make me feel almost normal. There is no real high from methadone and it does keep off withdrawal symptoms from other opiates. Anybody with a halfway decent relationship with their dr ahould be able to request what your options are, You dont have to go to a methadone clinic, just talk to your dr. If they dont want to give you what you ask for then find another one. Afterall they work for us and no one knows their own body better than oneself.

  • There is more hope in Suboxone than Methadone from my experiences. I’m not dogging methadone, to each his own, however, methadone made me feel even more high than oxycontin or anything. Not to mention the $13 a day and traveling to whatever city to dose, which mine was an hour and a half away. I always felt tired and slept all the time. One time I even got to sleepy to drive back home right after I dosed. I had to pull over and call someone to come get me. I switched to suboxone after 3 months of methadone and so far so good. I have been on subs for a year and am weaned down to 2mg a day. I do fear that withdrawls are going to be horrific, that is the only reason I still take it. I did some research and found a website where someone explained how to get off of subs successfully with little to no withdrawls. The trick is, cut the 2mg pills into fourths. Take 3 of the quarter size pieces which would be 75% of the tablet every day for 4 days. Every four days go down 25% which is 1 piece of the quartered pieces. I have not been doing this method long enough to see any new results, but I am hopeful. When I have weaned off completely I will write again and tell how horrible of how well it went. Only down fall of suboxone is the cost is you do not have insurance. It is very pricey if you are paying full price.

  • I recently discovered my 18 yr-old daughter is a heroin addict (IV). This has been the hardest, most devastating thing to try to deal with. Instead of crawling under a rock, I decided to get informed to understand an addiction I knew nothing about. What I have discovered in my research, blogs, and by talking to countless doctors and counselors, is that both Methadone and Suboxone can successfully help a person get off opiates if clinically monitored, as long as the abuser is ready for help. The difference is…Methadone is more addictive than even heroine and is often used as a middle man. Many people have been on Meth for 10 to 20 years (much longer than they abused opiates), and the withdrawls are painful, which is why they continue with Meth treatments for so long. Many have to use Suboxone to try to get off of Methadone (middle man)…so why would anyone want to take it? My daughter is successfully being treated at a Suboxone clinic currently. I have to tell you, if your trying to find information to help someone you love, you cannot think an opiate addict can rationalize and they WILL try to control the situation and find the easy way to avoid the pain & fear of withdrawls. She was convinced Methadone was the best option until we met with a counselor at the clinic on Monday who said we had to return Thurs for the eval & meds & she had to be withdrawling for 24 hrs. And the minimum treatment was 3 to 6 months. If a person is ready for treatment…3 days is too long. Through my research, I found a clinic that offered intensive outpatient treatment, but as soon as my daughter realized that she had to detox inpatient for 2 to 3 days, she refused. The counselor there suggested a Suboxone clinic. It was similar to the Methadone in that you are suppose to be without opiates for 24-hrs prior, but unlike the Methadone clinics who generally close around 10 a.m. & if your late, you miss your daily dose, they stay open all day and send the meds home with you the first day. I did, however, learn that there is a difference between Suboxone and Subutex. Suboxone is best for anyone who has used needles and is easier for doctors to prescribe, because it contains a second ingredient called Naloxone which prevents abusers from injecting it; if attempted, the naloxone becomes fully activated and you go into a full state of withdrawal. This state of withdrawal cannot be reversed by taking heroin or other opiate drugs. She is doing wonderful on the Suboxone so far, and I am so grateful the Methadone clinic couldn’t get her in for 3 days.

  • Anyone who thinks that methadone is better for managing opiate addiction is plain nuts. There is no way to avoid withdrawals when coming off either of the two, but allow me to tell you – methadone withdrawals are much more brutal, and last much longer. Suboxone is not treat either, but withdrawals are nothing compared to methadone. I have nothing against methadone, but to claim that it is the superior treatment is ridiculous. Effectiveness aside, you can take suboxone in the comfort of your home, with dignity. With methadone, you check your dignity at the door and sit in some disgusting clinic for however long, at the mercy of an apathetic staff. No thank you. I’ll stick with suboxone.

  • I have been in a methadone clinic since january and it is now october. I went all the way up to 95mg and have come down 5mg a week for the past 8-9 weeks. I am now at 33mg and have had no withdrawal symptoms up until today. Today I woke up with sweats and hot flashes and feeling like I was coming off of pills or something. I tried to get into several suboxone treatment facilities or maintenance programs, to no avail. They all want hundreds of dollars up front to even see me! I am unemployed and a full-time student, I don’t have the money for that. At least my methdaone was being paid by my husband’s insurance. These suboxone clinics are telling me that I cannot submit that big up-front fee to my insurance!! I don’t have $400!! So, I called up a friend of mine who had subutex and bought enough for three a day for two weeks. I have heard nightmare stories about NOT waiting the three (3) days before taking the subutex, right after quiting methadone. My counselor told me over and over that if I took subutex within those three days, that it will put me into full blown withdrawals! It’s not even the end of the first day off methadone, and I am not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms except I can’t sleep because of worrying too much. I hope that these three days aren’t going to be hell. Do I really have to wait the three days? How long will I have to be on the subutex? Does anyone know? Thanks.

  • I just wanted to say that a majority of short-term pain doctors will prescribe Methadone. Basically so you won’t even have to go to a clinic.

  • Everyone who complains about withdraw from methadone u withdraw from suboxone heroin oxys etc my point is why now do u care about withdraw now from methadone if u do it the constructive way u will see your life come together and if u are ready to come off detox the right way slowly what your body can handle methadone has a blocking dose so after 80 mgs u cannot even get high it would be a waste of money u can get high on suboxone I’ve done it I used to sell my subs to use the money to get high and then when the days would come where I’d have no money take a sub methadone there is no way u can abuse it even when u get take home by the time u get your first take home u have worked hard to get that and u feelby the time u get a take home u want to work on your second take home and u have to be doing the right things trust me I’ve been on the clinic for five months I’m about to get my first take home cause our clinic makes u wait six months not three wich I think is a great idea then your second take home u will receive after three months people who knock methadone obviously were not doin what they were told no doctor wants to detox u fast off methadone its so stupid to do so methadone is a life saver suboxones is just another bookmark until u get high again withdraw symptons are from every drug so why is methadone so horrible to have withdraws. suboxone sucks methadone rocks I’ve tried it all and methadone is the winner methadone is a savior methadone is great methadone is the smart way the right way the good way the clean way jenny

  • Everyone who complains about withdraw from methadone u withdraw from suboxone heroin oxys etc my point is why now do u care about withdraw methadone if u do it the constuctive way u will see your life come together and if u are ready to come off detox the right way slowly what your body can handle methadone has a blocking dose so after 80 mgs u cannot even get high it would be a waste of money u can get high on suboxone I’ve done it I used to sell my subs to use the money to get high and then when the days would come where I’d have no money take a sub methadone there is no way u can abuse it even when u get take home by the time u get your first take home u have worked hard to get that and u feel get then u want to work on your second take home and u have to be doing the right things trust me I’ve been on the clinic for five months I’m about to get ¥e first take home cause our clinic makes u wait six months not three wich I think is a great idea then your second take home u will receive after three months people who knock methadone obviously were not doin what they were told no doctor wants to detox u fast off methadone its so stupid to do so methadone is a life saver suboxones is just another bookmark until u get high again withdarw symptons arew from every drug so why is methadone so horrible to have withdraws suboxone does to methadone rocks I’ve tried it all and methadone is the winner methadone is a savior methadone is great methadone is the smart way the right way the good way the clean way jenny

  • To sydney and everyone else that doesn’t know about methadone… It is a great way to get your life back on track. It will help you rebuild your life and not need or think about opiates! To everyone that is saying negative shit about methadone.. Everyone is different and if you detox the right way you will not detox bad! On the other hand there is a withdraw from suboxone and it sucks!Plus on methadone you have a doctor that monitors you and a clinic full of helpful counslers if you really want help! Doctors that perscribe you suboxone just want your money and send you on your way! They don’t care if you sell it or take more then your supposed to! To everyone with an addiction I suggest to get on a methadone clinic for 2-3 yrs and watch your life fall into place!! So if you ask methadone or suboxone Definetly METHADONE!!!

  • i just wanted to tell my story about methadone. I began taking percocet when i was 21 recreationally and i loved it so much it turned into a full blown habit. I was taking about 8 percocets a day and getting them from my numerous doctors. I had no real physical pain, just emotional, and i was self-medicating. finally my life just completely revolved around getting the drugs. every few days i was at another doctors office, wasting money, it was ridiculous. my mom begged me to go to rehab and said she would pay but i instead found out about the methadone outpatient program. I began the methadone treatment at about 70 mg which was way too much and i was high all the time. i stayed on the meth for three years and finally decided to quit cold turkey. it was awful but i numbed the withdrawals with mass amounts of vodka. i literally withdrew for months. like someone else said, for pill addictions depending on the amount u take, going to methadone is way overkill and u will be worse off than before, i would rather have 5 days withdrawal than months. I have never tried suboxone, but hear it is a lot better than meth.

  • I am 25 and have been on opiates for about 8 years, on and off. I say on and off because I was in prison for 3 years and could not get any. I am curently on Suboxone and I am curently only taking about a 1/4 a pill a day. I have been on methadone before and have stoped after 9 months on 90 mgs. it sucks. real bad. I have a kid on the way and just recently got maried. My wife hates drugs and hates the subs. Its so hard! I usualy relapse about 1 time every month (herion and xanax) and it has been about a month now and I have cut down on the subs to try an stop them for good. but I am scared its going to be like my withdraw off methadone which almost KILLED ME. my sub doc is a fucking quack and does not give a shit about me only the $ I put in his hand before every script. I NEED TO GET OFF THIS SHIT AND NOT GO BACK TOO ANY QUICK FIXES. Help

  • To Toma:

    You sound like what I went through before I found out benzo’s have almost an identical withdrawal profile to opiods.

    Stay away from em they’ll make you feel better but if you become tolerant (takes less than 2 weeks) you’re gonna be hanging out from the benzo’s but blaming the opiod. Anxiety, Restlesness, Depression it’s very similar.

    That low a dose of methadone or bupe shouldn’t be THAT bad to come off but then everyone is different.

  • I never took heroin but have been on some type of opiate for 35 years ,
    Not huge doses , just a pill or two to deal with life . Anyway I have taken both methadone and suboxone which did basically the same thing for me. I had only been on about 10mg of methadone a day for two years or so. Made up mind to get off the shit and tapered my dose to 5mgfor a couple of months , then I stopped , made it almost 4 days and then could not take the restlessness even when taking Xanax like orange tictacs . So for past month have tapered down to 2 1/2 mg. Going from 5 to 2 1/2 was awful , floppIng like fish out of water , told wife I have just been restless. Now does it make sense to go to 1mg? Or am I prolonging the agony . Have managed to conceal addiction from wife past 15 years and working full time. I got off methadone once before and it was bad but not as prolonged as this . Should I taper down to 0.5 or 0.25 or just gut it out now. I know it sounds like a tiny addiction , but my body is putting up a good fight . Don’t think it makes sense to switch to suboxone , because I withdrawal from that like a bastard too . Would taking oxy or percs for a week lessen intensity of symptoms? Can’t see professional help due to sensitivity of my job . But I got to get off , because I do not enjoy life anymore and have grown weary of faking it . Any comments / ideas would be much appreciated.

  • First visit to my addiction medicine doctor for soboxone was $300 cash (no insurance covers visit costs). Each visit either bi-weekly or monthly is $150 cash. I’m assuming visit costs vary, but many addiction medicine providers are full and can no longer accept patients (they have ceilings on number of accepted patients). I’m on Maine-Care government health care which covers prescription costs and co-pays. Other health providers would charge for your medication. Prepare to put a bit of a hole in your wallet to begin a program, but nothing compares to the amount you may on the street to feed a habit. I was using at least $100 a day on my Oxy habit, fed by my trafficking income. My life is amazing now that I have left my old ways. Also, you are always monitored by urine testing by your care provider. If you fail, initially you are cut down from monthly to bi-weekly visits ($300/m) or you could be even brought to weekly ($600/m). If you happen to make another mistake within the weekly visits, you can lose your entire prescription.

  • I had been a heroin user for about 3 yrs. I had a $150/day habit. I got locked up, and kicked colxdd turkey. After I got out, I led a simi-clean life for about 3 yrs. Till I started hanging around the wrong people again. I recently picked up a fresh heroin habit. Went from $10/day to $40/day within a week. I got on suboxone after only a 2 month habit. I cleaned up really quicky and easily, since my habit wasn’t that big to begin with. My question, however is…if I use heroin today. Just once. Will I feel sick tomorrow? For some reason, I feel like my body remembers the drug, and I get sick a lot quicker then if I had never used before. Before I could use for a week straight and not get sick. And this time around, it only took me 2-3 days to develop a habit. Does anyone know if I will experience withdrawl symptoms, seeing as how I only kicked 3 wks ago? Annnnyyyoneeee??? I have a full time job, so I cant afford feeling sick and withdrawling. But my cravings have completely taken over my mind body and soul right now.

  • Sydney Alexander,
    I forgot to tell you alitle about my addiction. I broke my back in 1991 and have had 3 surgeries since then. I’m full of metal now and the pain is bad. I started taking the pain meds in 1991 and after 1996 they started to get the better of me. It got so bad that I was taking hundreds of them a day and in 1998 I went to detox. The 12 step program, meetings, and the counseling I did it all and was clean for 6 years. Well the monkey on my back and all addicts for that matter starting talking to me and said why suffer you can handle a few pain pills. And the next thing you know I’m taking to many. Well after the program a few years before I realized that I didn’t want to be in that bad of a situation again so I went to detox and took sebutex and after I got out I looked up doctor’s that could prescribe suboxon. I have been on that mnedication since and it has taking away all of my cravings and need for any pain medication. Now don’t get me wrong my back a still hurts and I do take asprin for the pain. But not many because asprin isn’t good for you either in great quanities. And the pain in my back is nothing to the pain I caused my family and friends. I thank God for this medication that saved my life and it can save yours too. I hope that in the near future that doctors can develop the same type of medication to help other addicts with their paticular drug of choice. Good luck Sydney and I will say a prayer for you and hope that you overcome your need to take the things that are destroying you. All of us addicts know and have been where you are now so your not alone in your time of need. We understand better than anyone the pain and suffering that we cause ourselves and our loved ones and I know that you can do it. Because if I can anyone can. A difference to be a difference must make a difference. Be well.


  • Sydney Alexander,
    Please don’t start taking methadone. This drug is an aweful choice. When I went to detox to get off of this drug heroin addicts told me that getting off of the methadone was worse than getting off the heroin adddiction.. I climbed the walls for five days and will never touch this drug again. Although this happened 12 years ago and I have relapsed since then I wouldn’t touch that drug during my relpase. That’s the impression it left with me. But good news I have been on suboxon for the last 16 months and have weened myself down to 8mgs every 3 to 5 days. I honestly forget to take it because I feel so well. This drug suboxon has given me my life back and I feel like I did 20 years ago. I have gotten my brother-in-law to start the suboxon and he has been clean for a year. So if you have to make achoice go with the suboxon you won’t be sorry I promise.


  • I am 34, have been on percocet since age of 24, first prescribed for c-section, then right after that, I had gall bladder surgery, then a bunch of teeth pulled, then ovarian cysts,on so on and so on, so for about 5 yrs, I was given percocet like it was candy, by any dr. I went to,then, they just cut me right off, after five yrs, and a hysterectomy, they said I didnt need them anymore, didnt step me down, just cold turkey, so began buying them from everyone, never knew how easy they were to get, I dont drink, at all, NO other drugs, so I feel if I wouldnt have started these, Id not be addicted to anything else, dont like the feeling of being drunk or smoking pot, anyway, I need advice here, I went to an impatient rehab for a ten day stay, I had no problems with the withdraws, b/c of suboxone, it REALLY worked, the only problem I had there was with the 12 step programs there, see, I am an atheist and this seemed to be like a church, was told repeatedly that I would NEVER get better if I didnt give myself over to my ‘higher power’ and that my reasons for quitting were not good enough, I said I was there on my own free will, not by a judge or courts, b/c I have no police record, I just wanna quit b/c it is costing me a thousand a month, I work a full time job, and take care of my kids, may I say quite well, for a drug addict,the only problem is Im tired of beig poor all the time, and the ppl there told me I needed to figure out why I really need to quit! I was LITERALLY chased down the hallway, by a patient there, who was forced there by a judge for selling her body for herion, she was holding a bible and was calling me an atheist cunt! REALLY! I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left, with one day remaining! I did well for a month after leaving,no symptoms, BUT then my biggest fear happened, (I have bad teeth) I got an abscess, my face was swollen to double its size, eye swollen shut, a lot of pain here, went to e.r. and they gave me vicodin, I REALLY didnt wanna take it, but I had taken 5000 mgs of advil, and the pain was so bad, I couldnt take it, so I broke down and took some vicodin!Now, Im right back into it again!SHIT! I am wondering , they wont let me back into rehab,you have to wait one year to return! WTF!Should I try methodone, or TRY to find a dr. that prescribes suboxone,(I HAVE NEVER HAD METHODONE) someone help me here, I want more than ANYTHING to be done here!

  • Hi my name is Christine… my heart went out to cindi ecspecially… I wanted to share my bit of story . I have been on suboxone now 18 days and eagerly awaiting the 30 day mark where more of the methadone will be released out of my body. I know methadone gets in your bones nad fatty tissue deposits and it is in my opinion HELL to come off of. This is a 27 year old woman who has ate, drank, shot, sniffed and ran through the last 10 years .. from what I am still deciding what part of mylife sent me over the edge. Its been a true struggle. Anyway I was at 90 mg. of methadone, been at a clinic for years and the methadone only added on to my list of addictions I was already struggling to feed. About a year ago I finnally got of the streets, faced it all and got switched to a closer methadone clinic, well days went by in my haze and I met a good partner and he took me into his home, I finnally couldnt pull anymore crap- I met my match he just wouldnt let me get away with anything- but you know that is exactly what I needed. Being on suboxone is way diffrent but my opiod depence is high honestly I have no insurance so that was a put off to even try it but I had been so fucked up for so long I thought what the hell I wouldnt mind being able to love someone again , smell the fresh cut grass and taste what food really tastes like, I found I had dulled my senses terribly..anyway my first visit to the doctors was bad I had only gone 24 hours from the clinic and not detoxed properly I just couldnt go down to 30mg. hell I wanted to get as much meth in my system as possible, it was the same amount of money either way I justified to myself. Anyway I finnally took the suboxone and got very sick it was a bitch 3 days nothing, I had to stay away from everything and everyone and keep being told I wasnt going back on methadone. about 3 days latter I was able to start taking a half and now im at 2 8mg. pills a day, its not great , ive found nothing great about suboxone except I know I dont have to go to a clinic with other addicts like myself every day and live by bullshit rules, with people that dont have a clue of what we’ve been through. But I do know even if I wanted to I cant go get high, I will get sick again and I know my shit had to stop one day. To brittani you have to work real hard to get take homes at methadone clinics thats in any state sweetheart, first pass 3 months of clean urines, make all of our counsouler appointments and have a safe living home life to be issued take homes, its a stronger narcotic than suboxone so the rules are strict- they also know they have us by the ass… anyway extremely good luck to everyone, I know I struggle every day with old ways and have found with someone whom has some patience with you …. you just might be able to make it…. Thanks

  • Happy to be out of the clinic culture. My suboxone dosage was increased after emotional meltdown on 3rd day. I didn’t really want to go up, but it was medical advice from an addiction specialist (I know that’s not foolproof, but I’m trusting him on this). And so far suboxone is better. Methadone was like a lead apron on my soul. Even though dosage was decreasing and I was doing “recovery” things (self-care) I got no good feeling about doing things I knew were good for me. The suboxone, I seem to be able to see progress where I saw none before. Well, there is a withdrawal syndrome from suboxone as well and I’m not looking forward to it but I just feel more alive, connected and when I say “Good dog!” the dog can tell I mean it! I’m not getting “buzzed” but the baseline mood is lighter.

  • Ive been on methadone 100mg a day for 11 years. I have done great. I have my life back. Always said I was a lifer. I decided I wanted to make a move. My oldest son lives in northern California. So I checked out clinics in his area. Not a one. He lives is Humboldt County. Marajuana is legal there. I thought for sure I could find a clinic somewhere. I ended up going thru detox for 3 days. (Thats the longest they would let me stay) Came home, got so sick my family sent me back to Tennessee. I’m so depressed. I hate it here. Thought about going on Seboxin. From what I have heard I need to be on 30 mg. a day. So tommorrow I am going to cut my doses down to 50. Next week 40 and the next 30. I want this so bad. What do you think? I really need some feedback. Plese

  • Responding to Chris who posted April 22. When I went on methadone two years ago I knew it was largely for emotional pain. At one time I had known “the only way out was through.” But that was for me. If you’re talking hurt-yourself depression, my experience (of 3 days) is that on suboxone I’m not getting the emotional relief I got from methadone. For me, that may be a good thing.

  • Last methadone was Friday, was put on suboxone Monday. Now it feels like the two are duking it out for my soul. Granted there don’t seem to be major physical symptoms, I got walloped with emotional pain this morning, the kind of crap that made me love opiates to begin with. Actually when I relapsed that was my first thought, or feeling – I don’t need anybody. And that’s what appealed to me about narcotics. And now I’m remembering that 10 years off them something drove me back, to get that feeling, I don’t need anyone. Somehow starting methadone again would seem like a huge step back, but it held those emotions at bay. So I wonder if this is how my withdrawal will be – the hard emotions first – and then the relative simplicity of physical discomfort. Last time I got off methadone, I was in love. The guy died. (Happens when you find boyfriends at treatment center). So he hadn’t rejected me, he’d loved me utterly and then a few weeks later he was dead. Ultimately the relapse of three years ago stems from being “dumped” a couple of times, but I can’t understand why being dumped feels so AWFUL for me. My therapist will consider this progress, I’m sure. I’ve got a call out to ask her if I should go back to methadone.

    When my guy friend died I remember thinking: If I kill the pain now, the pain will kill me later.

  • This is funny. I got down to 33 mg at the methadone clinic but was told I couldn’t go down – I had to talk to my counselor. Then it turned out the dosing nurse WAS my counselor. Last week I asked to go down to 31 and the dosing nurse told a trainee, it’s OK, it’s been approved. I’m a drug fiend but sheez! I needed approval to cut my dose? I told them I was switching to suboxone and they said oh, that’s OK then. They didn’t realize I planned to get the suboxone from a private doctor.

    So I’m told I have to wait 72 hours. I take my last 31 mg. on Friday morning and by Monday morning – nothing. I mean, I’m sneezing, but no worse than hay fever, and I’m hot, but no worse than a hot flash – and I have no appetite, but I want to lose weight anyway. The suboxone doc noted my pupils weren’t dilated but it had been 72 hours so he gave me a chip of a pill and watched for withdrawal. Nothing. Gave me another chip. Nothing. Ended up taking 2 8 mg pills that day (yesterday) and today’s my methadone clinic day. No, I’m not going down there, so something is working. (I’ll know better after 6 p.m.) But the whole thing has been terribly anticlimactic – no big withdrawal, no huge relief. What am I gonna do for drama??

  • I am going to start methadone or suboxone treatment next month, and am wondering which drug would be most helpful. I have a moderate habit and dont know if I need either. I could probably go off and not have much for withdrawls but I get so depressed all the time if I dont have the drugs. I think its more mental than anything. I dont want to trade a sometime habit for a full time habit but I need something better than I have now. Please someone give me some advice.

  • thanks everyone for your stories im currently on 110 mg of meth been for 2 years now and want to switch to suboxon im so scared to get start detox b/c have to be on 30 mg to go on suboxon… i been a herion since i was 15 except the last 2 years b/c of meth but because all i know is to use im afaird once i get down to 35 30 mg i will go back and use not sure what to do im 29 years old and tired of going 2 a clinc everyday if anyone can give advice about switching over would help sop much!!! Joanie

  • it all sucks evry little bit. Ive done it all from vicdin to herioin. as of last 5 months ive been on methadone, going to a clinic everyday except for sun. sucks!!!!!If the flippin counsler and or dr. at clinic would have told me that dreary day i admitted myself to methadone maintenace clinic what it would be like to get off or withdrawl I would ve never started.I realize that mentally even after the week of pyhsical sickness from withdraWl from opiates I would have still had cravings I wouldve still rather have batteled those then what my future holds in the getting of meth. I mean in all actuality as an addict to stay clean anyway I will have to fight that little voice in my head that tells me to use anyhow and with support and counseling dealing with the underlining issues tha at made active addiction a part of my life anyWAY is must anyhow. I understand now at 5 months clean from opiates apart from methadone clinic that my mind tells me I m ready to be off of it is probably because of the medicine I take now so most likely if I wasnt taking meth. I would be craving opiates or at lease having battles with that little voice in my head again. Problem is I had to tell my counsler at clinic I wanted to begin the withdrawl process to find out that at least from heer experience working their that it shopeless to stop. She said that she knows of no one stopping methadone who is an addict and remaining clean. shes only seen patients either get back on it or go back to street drugs or dr. shopping or worse overdose and deAth. I realize now she is an employee and an advocate of methadone so here i am seeing for myself the hell most go through to get off of it. Suboxone, cold turkey, treatment, except for couple bloggs or things Ive read looks like a gloomy future. I am thinking that I will withdrawl from the 115mg methadone to 30 or 40 whichever to get on subaxone but feel as if it will be hard because I went down 5mg cpl weeks ago only to wake up everymoorning feel years older than I am, physically and thats only 5mg. Counsler said its because even with the 115mg i was at I never got “high” enough dose that it becanme my “stable dose” so what shes impying is that I have to get to the stable dose differing from person to person and stay on that for a YEAR then tapering down, WHATEVER!!! need advice. My dr. reg pyhscian is aware that im on methadone and a recovering addict so I am hoping even though her knowledge on methadone is minimal that she will prescribe subaxone to me to get of the meth and not have to make trips daily and pay weekly to ythe clinic. So me at 115mg meth daily should switch to what mg of subaxone and how is it taken and when do I withdrwl from that???????? Help, also I ve read a lot of people getiing some relief with a small script of xanax to help.

  • This is to Adam or others afraid of methadone withdrawal. I came of 90 mg. plus lots of extras in about 23 days (inpatient) and had only a couple of rough nights. Only I did crave benzos and managed to use them for about a month without getting addicted. Due to trauma in my life I was not feeling particularly good clean, but had no cravings for a long time and that was such a relief it offset my loss of a quick fix. Relapsed after 10 years off, got up to 120 at methadone clinic and now am at 39 mg. So I plan to switch to suboxone soon. Going from 120 to 39 (over a year) has not been a big deal but without a blocking dose I’m tempted to cheat. DUMB. I just hear suboxone IS an easier withdrawal and in general not as “heavy” a drug as methadone, which has just about wiped out my ability to feel pleasure except for the bump after dosing.I want to get out of the clinic, they just aren’t the kind of support I need right now. Withrawal does not have to be hell and the lifestyle changes actually work! Gotta keep the faith.

  • I have been addicted for 2 years. It started out with hydros and oxycodone then ment to methadone. But i was buying it off the street to take. I can take up to 50 mg in a day and feel good. But its getting to the point where i can’t afford it antmore and the withdrawals from methadone are ten times worse to me when i’m out. So i checked into the suboxone program and found one that took my insurance where it won’t cost me hardly anything. I just want to be off of everything for good and this is the only thing i think that will get me off of thinggs. Methadone is to long term for me and i like it too much to use that as a form of getting off everything.

  • I was in the methadone clinic for several months and was up to 80mg per day. I had some financial problems and had to go on financial detox, which meant I would be taken from 80 per day to nothing in about 5 weeks. I can honestly say the physical withdrawels were practically absent. I had no prblems with this detox at all, however it did make it easier to backslide do to the mental desire. Just to let you all know, i really think it was the easiest thing I ever came off from, so don’t be afraid. Honestly I think the transition from methadone to suboxane defeats the whole purpose. Eventually it has to end, so pray hard and talk to freinds/family about your feelings and you CAN DO IT.

  • Well reading everyones stories here was very helpful and insightful. I began using lortabs recreationally many many years ago, and the problem i developed never seemed all that bad. But i graduated to oxycontin one day and in a matter of just a few months i was physically addicted, and then it all went downhill from there. Withdrawl is just the worst thing ever, i hate it and wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. Eventually after several years and hitting rock bottom, i sought help and found a methadone clinic. At first this seemed like a miracle, and to those of you out there addicted to painkillers or heroin, methadone can truly help you stablize your life big time. It definately helped me return my life back to some degree of normality and it truly empowers you to start the process of regaining control of your life. But after being on methadone for nearly 3 years now, i want to move on. I tried weaning myself off methadone by going down 5 ml every 3 weeks or so, but i just relapsed when i got to around 30-35 and went on a couple month binge, which was not only stupid, but raised my tolerance back up a little and brought all kinds of problems back into my life. My counselors and i have been discussing suboxone, and i really want to try it, from what ive read and ppl ive talked to, its much easier to come off of than methadone. unfortunately my clinic offers it at $25 per day, and thats just too much. Where do i go to get it at $7? or even more than 7 is fine, but not $25. also i have been wondering about something i read about called Rapid Detox, or Anesthesia-Assisted Rapid Opiate Detox…. does anyone have any personal experience with this they can share? or experiences with switching from methadone to suboxone? thank you for any insight you can give me

  • I was using oxy 80 mg and lortab, norco and fetanyl patches for at least 5 years. I got clean, then relapsed. Lost the house, cars, almost my daughter. I was caught writing false rx and went to jail twice. Currently I have 4 misdemeanors and 1 felony. I have been clean now for 1 year. I started taking saboxone in rehab, and I think its a miracle. I dont have any cravings and has no withdrawl symtoms whatsoever. My doctor says I may need to stay on it forever because of the high doses of rx I was on. I am ok with that. I dont feel addicted to it, I take it as needed, some days I only take 2 mg, other days I take 8. However I feel at the time. The only downfall is that it is $7 a pill, but my ins does cover 10% of it, and I am lucky for that. Ive heard horror stories about methodone, and feel blessed I was offered saboxone. Mylife has been turned around completely. My husband was using with me, and we have been clean together. We go to AA ( I prefer it better than NA)everyday, see a shrink and go to therapy. It works for me. People tell me I traded one drug for another. I DONT CARE. It works for me, it can work for you, as long as you are going to meetings or some other IOP. I am very proud of myself, and I consider myself clean even though I take saboxone. Some people disagree but again I DONT CARE.I love myself today enought to want to take care of myself, be a mother wife and friend. Saboxone saved my life. And if I have to stay on it forever, I will. I follow doctors directions and thats what makes it the right thing to do. I feel bacd for people on methadone, I will pray for them becasue it sounds so addictive. My teeth are fine, I am perfectly healthy and happy. Take care of you addiction and take care of yourself for the right reasons. I see an addictionologist for it and he is awsome. He follows my case and helps me decide the best treatment for me. GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!

  • thank you all for your insight, and to the page creator for this post. i myself am 22, and have been recreationally using for the past two years…but in the past year every single day, dilaudids, roxys, and oxys. a daily habit of about 160mg of oxys for the past 4 months. i am a nursing student and a server…and what started as something id take if im going out instead of drinking and driving…turned to hey it makes EVERYTHING feel better……everything. now im at a point where i didn’t make my rent for the past two months…my relationship has changed and i know its from us BOTH using…and i can’t go any further down this road. i am not willign to throw my life away….i have been debating on suboxone vs. methadone, and am sure now that suboxone is the right option for me. i made the step and called a doctor this morning and am going today at 4pm to start. im scared, but more so excited to be finally breaking my horrible self destructing habit and start the track to a happy sober life :) thank you all for your insight…the only person i have to talk to about this is my amazingly supportive boyfriend. who’s been clean for a week so far and is going throught this with me. i wish you all the best….its amazing to know theres people out there in the exact same boat as me. until these past few days i felt unbelievably alone in my struggle…thank you and god bless xoxo

  • I am a counselor at a Methadone Clinic and I have to say that Methadone has saved many of my heroin addicted clients lives. Yes, methadone is considered a long term treatment plan. It’s not intended to be a short term program. Opiates are what has ruined so many peoples lives, and methadone is what allows them to regain their lives back. Methadone has a terrible stigma that I believe is unfair.

  • I have recently tried to quit Methadone cold turkey from 100 mg everyday to nothing…..I only lasted 2 days. The first day was nothing did not even notice that i hadn’t dosed really. Day 2 woke up and yeah I was living in hell so i broke down and dosed. I have heard that quiting cold turkey is the way to go and that going down to even 1mg a day will be as bad as 100mg per day is as far as withdrawl…….Does this sound right because i would think that 1mg per day would be much more of a mental problem than the physical sickness. ?

  • Hi all. I started Methadone along with Dilaudid CR for Pain Management. I quit the Dilaudid, and went as far as 180mg/day of Methadone. Overall my health increased, and my underlying symptoms got better, so I wanted to get off the Pain Meds (Methadone), and get a true Baseline of my pain and if the Meth was causing any side-effects. I Quit Cold Turkey – 180mg to nothing, and it wasn’t the Hell I was expecting. The first 5 days were very tolerable – I presume because of the half-life still giving my body opioids. After a week, my sleeping started getting very disturbed: I’d wake-up mid-night in sweats then shivering, my mind was obsessing about Opiates, my natural pain was back full-force, plus I had tremendous body-aches, headaches, pains. depression, anxiety, etc. I was a total mess, denying to myself that I was a mess! In all, the Withdrawals were far more chronic than acute, as 6 weeks after I was still an Insomniac, but who knows if it was just because I stopped Methadone, or for other reasons. 6 months after, my Withdrawals were long gone, but my Chronic Pain was just too much without treatment. My Doc started me on the tiniest dose of Hydromorphone, which only worked if I took more than prescribed — thus the beginning of a new “Dependency” or “Addiction” issue, when really I was being undermedicated. My Doc was unwilling to increase my dose, even though he had promised to treat my pain properly until my referral comes in. So I decided to switch back to Methadone, and apart from the hassle of seeing a Doctor once a week (Shrinks work that way,?), and having to drink at the Pharmacy for the first few weeks until my dose is stable-ized, Methadone is great as a Painkiller. I’ve tried almost all the common Opioids for Pain (Codeine, Oxy’s, Hydromorphone, Morphine, and Fentanyl (- no Vicodin because it’s outlawed in Candada, for now,), and some others I forget. Although Fentanyl is “Academically” the best pain-med out there, I found the Patches were useless as they fell off all the time! So I find Hydromorphone and Methadone my best choices for ‘safe’ opioids, with Methadone – once you get past the initial month or so – and don’t use any other Narcotics unless your Doc knows they’re being prescribed to you by your Specialist etc. – you could OD, and the Doc will keep you coming-in for urine tests and to get your drink everyday. You have to be clean to get carries.
    As for the Withdrawals from Methadone, I’ve gone through worse, but it is something I won’t do again – quit cold-turkey. And I was lucky as it was Summer and I could get outside and walk whenever I was getting squirely. I found running out of Dilaudid was far worse: psychologically and physically. Withdrawals were far more intense and immediate. I was going crazy 3 days afterwards! Clawing at my bedsheets, vomiting, sweats, pain, and super-obsession with the pill – all my mind could focus on was getting more if I ran out, and the pain relief it was going to give me, and the end of the living nightmare I was experiencing! When checking an Opioid Conversion Chart, Methadone can be as high as 10x stronger than Morphine on a mg per mg basis! Strong stuff!

  • methadone I was on it for 7 years and I tried every shortcut I there is to get off.I was on 280mg so if you want off here is the only way. go down 2mg a week for 8 weeks then go to 4mg for 2weeks then you may are may not want to do this everybody is different drop down 8mg for 4 are 5 days see how you feel. you get the picture. if anybody wants to here more reply and I’ll answer.

  • I have detoxed off 125mg of methadone before, and yes, it is hell! I went to rehab, and even heroin addicts were only on a 6 day detox, while methadone addicts were on a 13 day detox. That alone ought to tell you something. They used subutex for detox because methadone addicts cannot take suboxone without going down to at least 40 mg before starting. Anyway, even on subutex, the 1st 2 days were awful, no appetite, chills, lower back pain, stomach cramps, etc…After 2 days of subutex (12mg per day)symptoms began to ease somewhat. still not much appetite, but at least able to get out of bed. They lower the subutex each day, and after day 13, here it comes again. For almost 2 days after being off detox, symptoms (see above) return. After that, however, things begin to get better.

    I had a doctor once say that he would rather I shoot the purest heroin available than ever get on methadone. so true, so true…

    Anyway, my experience with suboxone was only to detox once from dilaudid. It was a six day detox and worked great. This is what worries me about the current doctors prescribing it. They want to treat it like methadone and put people on maintenance. And when you have to spend, like 700.00 just to get on the program (of course, afterwards it is cheaper than methadone)my junky brain wants to get his money’s worth.

    But, speaking of maintenance, I have relapsed after each successful treatment center (4)…Therefore, I’m probably not qualified to even write on this page. Now I have been on methadone twice, taken both suboxone and subutex, and I can absolutely tell you one fact: cross addictions can only get you off the current dope, nothing can keep you off the dope forever, except yourself.

    Well, I don’t know if this has enlightened anyone. I am seriously thinking about suboxone, if only because I am spending so much damned money on my habit. Everyone’s bottom is different, but to sum up, I would recommend the suboxone, if only because I don’t believe you get the high that methadone gives, and if I get on maintenance (suboxone), I only hope that the doctors are smarter (or dumber) than the clinic guys and won’t raise me up to these massive doses that they give out at the methadone clinic.

  • so has anyone evr tried subs first thn methadone?? i no its dum after reading all ur posts, but im dealing with this shit w my fiance. soooo, im sure its an xcuse to get high bcause i have seen a major change

  • heyguys im in the same boat as every single person who wrote on this site…im cryin my eyes out rite now just readin all off this….nd if all of you guys are bein serious, than you understand that the withdrawls are the most terifiing part of addiction….i was taking hyrdrocodone, than oxycodone, for about 2 years, and i wasnt taking it to get high i needed it for my back problems, i was getting it prescribed to me by a few doctors, and all of a sudden basically i woke up a few mornings after drinking and thought that feeling was just a bad hangover….so i drank plenty of fluids….i didnt feel better….i took a percocet…nd it all went away…thats i how i got into this mess and started falling down this hill…after a while i knew it wasnt a hangover or nething else, i figured out that that feeling….which by the way is THE MOST HORRIBLE FEELING IVE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE!!!!!!….was a withdrawl….so i found a treatment center around my house, cuz i didnt want to feel or live like this nemore…..they put me on 2 pills (16 mg) of suboxone per day for about 2 months….ive been on it for about 6 months now and im taking between 1 to a half a pill per day now,,,i want to get off this shit so ….sooooo bad, ive been slowly weening myslef off of the drug, nd i feel great most of the time because the suboxon duznt give me any sort of high as percocet or vicodin…..but readin this is makin me TERRIFIED THAT I WILL NEVVER BE FREE FRUM THIS PRISON….nd for people who have never been addicted to an opiate….it is a prison id rather go to prison….it is honestly THE worst feeling that my body can create….restlessness, waking up very early, basically like im wearin the most uncomfortable wool suit thats ever been made….pins and needles,,,runing nose…watery eyes….i just want to b free….nd suboxon makes me feel withdrawls….but im terrifide that i will become dependant on the suboxon….like i said i just wanna b free….ive never been addicted to nething, nd it wasnt by choice, i was NOT taking them to get high…i took em becuz i have a terrible back….idk everyone n here seems to b goin thru wat i am so, if i can get sum help or advice…please help me…..i just wanna feel and be like i was bfore all of this BULLSHIT happened to me!!!!!!…thanks so much….i feel ur pain ive read all of ur gys blogs,,,wen people ask me wat its like….i tell them to TRY to imagine the worst pain that they can imagine….gettin hit by a train…and living, hit by a car and living….the WITHDRAWL is HORRIBLE…. thanks so much

  • I have been on methadone for 5 years. I have been detoxing for almost 2 of those years. I was on a fairly high dose, about 130 mg. I decided to come down very slowly; 2.5mg per month, because I was so scared of the withdrawal symptoms. I can honestly say that until about two months ago I felt no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I am in college and I’ve been working, so I really think that has helped me to focus on the outside world instead of always thinking about how I feel. However, right before the holidays I did start feeling kinda bad. I started walking up early in the morning with a real uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. At this point my eyes water quite a bit, my nose has been running and I’ve been going from hot to cold like crazy. I am basically just really uncomfortable. I do believe that our minds are extremely powerful and that it is not coincidental that my symptoms began right before the holidays. My doctor has suggested that I try split dosing meaning that I take half my dose in the morning and half in the afternoon. I’m not sure about that so I’m thinking about it for now. I am trying so hard to get down to 30mg so I can switch over to suboxone. I pray that this is just a bump in the road and that everything will calm down so that I can switch over. I hope that I can write again in a few months after getting off the methadone to tell people that it is possible and to provide some inspiration.

  • Well, kind of. You may not get high like OxyContin, but you do get a moderate buzz and energy (sometimes you even get the itches), because you are still taking an opiate.

    I want to warn you, when (if) you decide to stop taking Suboxone, you need to taper down like you would with any other opiate, except with more time between reductions, even more than Methadone because of Buprenorphine’s long half-life (approx 37 hours.)

    Suboxone builds up in your system because of the half-life, which makes it’s withdrawals last so long. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that it has no withdrawal, or that it’s not bad. It’s awful. Is it as bad as cold turkey from a 400+ mg Oxy habit? Not quite, but it lasts from 2-6 weeks with some residual effects (depression, lethargy, etc.) called PAWS that can last up to a year, depending on how high of a dose and how long you were on it. Usually the PAWS is not as bad as it sounds, I’d equate it to coming off of a 15 mg/day Hydrocodone habit. In other words, it’s doable.

    It’s also a rollercoaster ride of a detox, it’s not linear like short-acting opiates. You’ll feel like hell for 4-16 days (the average seems to be 10) then feel great for 2 days, or maybe even a week, just to get slapped back down again for another few days.

    This may make some ask “What’s the point?” – well my answer would be Suboxone is a great tool to buy you time to get your life in order and to learn not to chase a high… which is very useful considering immediately after a cold turkey Oxy detox is the worst/hardest time to try to change and being an entire new way of life.

    Suboxone is also unique in the fact that if a person has ever become dependent on it (10 days will usually do it), one can abstain from ALL opiates for any substantial amount of time and if they ever take it again (even ONCE!) they will experience withdrawal symptoms afterward.

    The moral of the story? Suboxone is in NO WAY a miracle drug. It can be a useful tool for either a short detox (about 4 days starting at 4-6 mg, decreasing daily) or to buy you time to clean up the mess you’ve made in active addiction.

  • My understanding is that typically you will stop taking methadone and be prescribed full agonist opiods (like oxycontin) so you don’t suffer methadone withdrawl (like you taper and take oxycontin in increasing dosages). This will be a week or so I believe. Methadone sticks around in your system for a long time. Then you will stop taking the oxycontin for a day or two (mild to moderate withdrawl) and take the suboxone or subutex (which is buprenorphine without the diversion drug naloxone).

    I never took methadone, but I was on 400+ mg of oxycontin. Stopped the previous day at 11am then took suboxone around 9am the next day (I was in bad shape) and within 15 min or so felt like I had never taken an opiate before in my life. Suboxone is great, but consider a good recovery program as well.

  • According to my clinic; a Methadone user has to stop using Methadone for approx. 3 days before they can switch over to Suboxone. I am on Suboxone and am having good success. The biggest deterrent I find using Suboxone is that even if I were to take Opiates I wouldn’t have any of the desired effects because the Suboxone blocks the Opiate “high”.

  • I am in the same situation as you are. I have been on metadone for 7 years, getting on in 2003 after a short run with oxy’s and a few months on h. I was drug free my whole life, prior to 2001 and would of got on suboxone, if it was available to me, but it was not. I was just about to lose everything and saw how getting off opiates was a almost impossible thing to do so I got on methadone in order to stop the bleeding,I now feel trapped and scared and hopeless about getting off methadone, I am grateful to methadone for getting me on my feet but feel there may have been a easier way out of this mess,what I try to do is stay positive, I am a somewhat healthy 36 year old father of two who has a good job and owns my house and car and living the american dream.and it all costs a few rides to the clinic a month an a little cup of red stuff in the morning.I think the key to staying on methadone and making the best of it is to exercise 3-4 days a week go to the doctor and tell them your symtoms and go to the dentist and just keep putting one foot in front of the other,I also have read all the stories about how hard it is to get off but i also have read about some people who have made it. I think you and I can do it if we wanted to but we do not want to risk what we have gained but the answer is right there if we do not risk anything we will never gain anything. I am going to try to lower my dose to 25 mgs and switch to suboxone then try to detox completely and I believe exercise and eating right is the key also getting your life in the best possible order good luck and do not feel bad you are not alone.I also think that if we need to stay on mmt forever its a small price to pay for almost killing ourself.good luck

  • I really found this information to be helpful with how you compared the two drugs. I am currently on methadone and have been on it for 3years and I am just so tired of being on it. I did find it very helpful at first, I am a recovering herion addict and I heard about methadone and how you won’t have any withdrawls from herion and I thought, Great!! Herion withdrawls are terrible and I lost everything and I mean everything from it including my son, so when I heard about methadone I was excited, I wouldn’t be sick and the doctor at the clinic said It would take away the cravings of the drug too. So 3years ago I got on the methadone and I ended up getting a job and holding it and the best thing I have my son back and everything was great but now its just more of a pain. I have to drive 45mins to the clinic 3times a week, I have put on so much weight and I can’t lose it, my teeth have messed up so bad and I feel like all I do is sleep. So now I have been thinking about getting off and I have talked to people at the clinic and they told me its the worst drug ever to withdrawl from, so I went online and checked into it and they are right. I don’t know what to do, I am terrified. I am afraid of getting off it and go through those withdrawls and go back to using and I just can’t do that. So just recently I heard about suboxone, and I wanted to know if anyone has experienced being on methadone and switching to suboxone? I would really appeciate for any suggestions. I know in your article you said its better to do without either but its kinda too late and I just need some help on what to do. Thank you

  • Hi Brittani,

    Thanks for your feedback. I changed the article to reflect your experience. We appreciate your insight on this. Happy holidays!


  • I think that the information that is on this website is mostly accurate. Except that if someone is attending an outpatient clinic program for addiction for a period of time they do have to take the saboxone everyday just as they do with the Methadone. But some people attending the clinic(s) that are being treated with methadone (that have been going long enough) don’t have to go everyday. I have personal experience with this subject, and I can’t state that all clinics are like that. The one’s around here where I live are though.

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