List of Known Opiate Addicts

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Actors, Actresses, Models, and Directors

Writers, Poets, and Journalists

Singers & Musicians

Other Celebrities & Public Figures


References and Footnotes

  1. Maser, Werner Hermann Göring. Hitlers janusköpfiger Paladin. Die politische Biographie (German language)

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21 thoughts on “List of Known Opiate Addicts

  • Ty and Adam…Aaron Lewis has never admittedly had a drug problem of any kind. Coke? Quit believing everything you read on Wikipedia. The reference to addiction in Its Been Awhile was in regards to a girl that left him that he felt “addicted” to. Stated by him in interviews.

  • Layne Staley did not pass in 96. That was the year his last live performance with Alice in Chains. He died April 8, 2002 exactly eight years apart from Kurt Cobain

  • Forgot to mention John Lennon. Many books detail his heroin and opiate use but the Beatles biography by Bob Spitz details the exact point of his usage. It was actually a pretty surprising length of time too. Basically during their last 4 albums he was on heroin every single day which in part was why he was notably “irritable” and a dick to Paul, George and Ringo in the studio. If that’s not enough to confirm his addiction, in the song Happiness is a Warm Gun he clearly talks about it, “I need a fix cuz I’m going down”, and Cold Turkey also obviously. Also possibly, everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey

  • Eugene Bertram “Gene” Krupa (January 15, 1909 – October 16, 1973) was an American jazz and big band drummer, actor and composer.

  • Tina Marie
    One of the first Caucasian R&B artists with heightened above! &beyond rhythm &soul who took the music industry by storm in the early 70’s- the 80’s and made her strong artistic presence known.
    Well known phenomenal woman and mother also often sang beside Rick James in many duets which she proceeded after him in death in 2010

  • Elliott Smith-singer/songwriter (deceased)
    Nivek Ogre-frontman of Skinny Puppy
    Rozz Williams-Frontman of Christian Death (deceased)

  • Jean Cocteau – French filmmaker, actor, visual artist, novelist, & poet (this guy could do everything!),was an opium addict (smoker) most of his life. His book “Opium” is about his own addiction.

  • John Lennon’s missing from your list. Around ’68 he & Yoko were heroin addicts (sniffers, not injectors). John’s song “Cold Turkey” is about kicking.

    I’m skeptical about your inclusion of David Bowie & Sigmund Freud as opiate addicts. Both were cocaine addicts. I recall reading a Bowie quote where he talked about cocaine addiction, but said “he was always afraid to do heroin.”

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