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Note: The links below lead to a location where the particular CD that song is on can be purchased. Also, if there is a song which is not listed here, please feel free to comment using the form at the bottom of this page, and we would be happy to list it. Thank you!

“2×4″ — Blind Melon

“A Deeper Kind of Slumber” — Tiamat
“A Horse With No Name” — America
“Addicted to Chaos” — Megadeth
“The Addiction” — Frank DeBlasi
“Adios” — Rammstein (about a death from overdose)
“Again” — Alice in Chains
“Amy Hit The Atmosphere” — Counting Crows (recovering from heroin addiction)
“And So I Know” — Stone Temple Pilots (recovering from heroin addiction)
“Aneurysm” — Nirvana
“Angel” — Sarah McLachlan
“Angry Chair” — Alice in Chains
“Another Girl, Another Planet” — The Only Ones
“Arbor Vitate” — Pig
“Arbor Vitate” — Schaft
“Arbor Vitate” — Watts

“Bad” — U2
“Bad Obsession” — Guns N’ Roses
“Ballad Of Big Nothing” — Elliott Smith
“Baltimore Love Thing” — 50 Cent
“The Beast” — The Only Ones
“Been on a Train” — Laura Nyro
“Beetlebum” — Blur
“The Bewlay Brothers” — David Bowie
“Billy” — Bad Religion
“Black Balloon” — Goo Goo Dolls
“Blank” — Failure
“Blue Veins” — The Raconteurs
“Bodhisattva” — Steely Dan
“Braindead” — Red Red Meat
“Brown Sugar” — The Rolling Stones
“Brown Sugar” — ZZ Top
“Burning Red, The” — Machine Head

“California, Gracefully” — Every Time I Die
“Call The Doctor” — Spacemen 3
“Can’t Cry Anymore” — Sheryl Crow
“Captain Jack” — Billy Joel
“Carmelita” — Warren Zevon, later covered by Linda Ronstadt
“Chase The Dragon” — The Beasts of Bourbon
“Chasin’ the Dragon” — D. Goodacre
“China Girl” — David Bowie/Iggy Pop
“Chinese Rocks” — The Heartbreakers (recorded as “Chinese Rock” — The Ramones)
“Coconut Grove” — Paul K and the Weathermen
“Comfortably Numb” — Pink Floyd[1], later covered by Dar Williams and the Scissor Sisters
“Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire” — Joni Mitchell
“Cold Turkey” — John Lennon
“Cop Shoot Cop” — Spiritualized
“Cotton Fields” — The Pogues

“Dancing On Glass” — Mötley Crüe
“Days Turn Blue to Gray” — Machine Head
“Dead Flowers” — The Rolling Stones
“Dead Horse” — Guns N’ Roses
“Dead Men Tell No Tales” — Motörhead
“Deltoya” — Extremoduro
“Diamonds and Guns” — The Transplants
“Dirt” — Alice in Chains
“Dirty Blue Balloons” — Failure
“Doctor Wu” — Steely Dan
“Don’t Bring Harry” — The Stranglers
“Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream” — the Thompson Twins
“Down in a Hole” — Alice in Chains
“Dreidel” – Don McLean
“Drug Buddy” — The Lemonheads

“Empty Friend” — Failure
“Even Flow” — Pearl Jam

“Fairytale Of New York” – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl
“Fall to Pieces” — Velvet Revolver
“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” — Queens Of The Stone Age
“Fire And Rain” — James Taylor
“Fixxxer” — Metallica
“Free Fix for a Fuck” – The Mentors

“Gimme Heroin” — Morning Glory
“Givin’ Up” — The Darkness
“God Smack” — Alice in Chains
“Golden Brown” — The Stranglers
“Good God” — Ko?n

“H.” — Tool
“H-Eyes” — The Ruts
“Habit” — Pearl Jam
“Hand of Doom” — Black Sabbath
“Happiness Is a Warm Gun” — The Beatles
“Harvester of Sorrow” — Metallica
“Hateful” — The Clash
“Hate to Feel” — Alice in Chains
“He Knows You Know” — Marillion
“Heroin” — The Velvet Underground
“Heroin” — John Frusciante
“Heroin” — New Model Army
“Heroin” — Doors, The
“Heroine” — Suede
“Heroin Dreams” — Life of Agony
“Heroin Face” — The Cure
“Heroin Girl” — Everclear
“Heroin, She Said” — Wolfsheim
“Heroin or Suicide” — Leftöver Crack
“Heroin vs. Prozac” — The Brian Jonestown Massacre
“Heroin vs. Prozac, Revisited” — The Brian Jonestown Massacre
“Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” — Neil Young
“Home Is Where The Hatred Is” — Gil Scott-Heron
“Horrorshow” — The Libertines
“Hot Hole” — PIG
“Heroine” — From First to Last

“I Believe In You” — Talk Talk
“I Know Somethin’ (‘Bout You)” — Alice in Chains
“I’m Your Captain” — Grand Funk Railroad
“I’m Waiting for the Man” — Velvet Underground
“Instant Hit” — The Slits
“Its Been A While — Staind

“Jane Says” — Jane’s Addiction
“Jones Comin’ Down” — The Last Poets
“Judy Staring at the Sun” – Catherine Wheel
“Junkhead” — Alice In Chains
“Junkie” — Dead Milkmen
“Junkie” — Ozzy Osbourne
“Junkie” — The Peelers
“Junkie Man” — Tim Armstrong
“Junkie Nurse” — Royal Trux
“Junkie Slip” — The Clash
“Junkie’s Promise” — Sonic Youth
“Junky” — Pig
“Just One Fix” — Ministry
“Just Go” — Staind
“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” — Bob Dylan

“Kickstart My Heart” — Mötley Crüe
“King Heroin” — James Brown
“Kings Crossing” — Elliott Smith
“Kiss Me Deadly” — Generation X
“Knife Prty” — Deftones

“Let It Flow” — Spiritualized
“Learn from this Mistake” — Down
“Longview” – Green Day
“Love In Vein” — Skinny Puppy
“Low” — Cracker
“Ljubav kao heroin” (Love Like Heroin) — Laufer (Croatia)
“Luck’s Up” — Public Image Ltd.
“Lust for Life” — Iggy Pop

“Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic
“Mainliner” — Social Distortion
“The Mango Song” — Phish
“Medication” — Spiritualized
“Missing You” — Duff McKagan
“Mojo”- Peeping Tom feat. Rahzel and Dan the Automator
“Mojo Pin” — Jeff Buckley
“Monkey Man” — Rolling Stones
“Mountain Song” — Jane’s Addiction
“Mr. Brownstone” — Guns N’ Roses
“Mr. Self-Destruct” – Nine Inch Nails
“Master of Puppets” — Metallica
“Mutiny in Heaven” — The Birthday Party
“My Sweet Prince” — Placebo

“Naked in the Rain” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
“The Needle and the Damage Done” — Neil Young
“The Needle and the Spoon” — Lynyrd Skynyrd
“Needle In The Hay” — Elliott Smith
“The Needle Lies” — Queensrÿche
“Needles” – System Of A Down
“New Youth Crimson” — Pier Nine Brawl
“Nice Boys” — Rose Tattoo
“Not an Addict” — K’s Choice
“Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth” — The Dandy Warhols
“Nothin’ Matters but the Fever” — Sea Level
“Numb” — U2
“Nurture my Pig” — Reverend Horton Heat

“Ocean Pie — Shed Seven
“OD Catastrophe” — Spacemen 3
“Ode To Street Hassle” — Spacemen 3
“Old Fashion Morphine” — Jolie Holland
“Old Hat” — Izzy Stradlin (Cocaine, heroin)
“One Fix” — Dope
“One Track Mind” — The Heartbreakers
“One Way Ticket to Hell” — The Darkness
“Only Human” — 40 Grit
“Opium of the People” — Slipknot
“Otherside” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
“O.D.” – Last Poets
“Oxy Cotton” — Lil Wyte (OxyContin/oxycodone, Lortab)

“Paranoid Opioid” — Corrosion of Conformity
“Parker’s Band” — Steely Dan
“Passenger” — Grateful Dead
“Pink Turns To Blue” — Hüsker Dü (OD, heroin)
“Perfect Day” — Lou Reed
“Poison Was the Cure” — Megadeth
“Poison Oak” — Bright Eyes
“Pool Shark” — Sublime
“Poppies” — Marcy Playground
“Poverty Train” — Laura Nyro
“Pretty On The Inside” – Hole
“Purple Pills” — D12
“Post Blue” — Placebo

“Real Thing” — Alice In Chains
“Redneck Rampage” — Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon
“Rhyme and Reason” — Dave Matthews Band
“Run Run Run” — the Velvet Underground
“Running To Stand Still” — U2

“Save Me” — Shinedown
“Sam Stone” — John Prine
“Same In The End” — Sublime
“Self Destruct” — Staind
“Serial Killer” — Valete
“She’s Like Heroin” — System of a Down
“She’s Like Heroin to Me” — The Gun Club
“She Talks to Angels” — the Black Crowes
“Shedding Skin” — Pantera
“Shooting up in Vain” — Eagle Eye Cherry
“Sickman” — Alice in Chains
“Signed D.C.” — Love
“Simoriah” — Aerosmith
“Sister Midnight” — Iggy Pop
“Sister Morphine” — The Rolling Stones
“Sister Ray” — The Velvet Underground
“Sledgehammer” — Peter Gabriel
“Slither” — Velvet Revolver
“Slow Motion” — Third Eye Blind
“Smack Jack” — Nina Hagen
“Smack My Bitch Up” — The Prodigy
“Soul Auctioneer” — Death In Vegas
“Soul to Squeeze” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Some Candy Talking” — The Jesus and Mary Chain
“Space Oddity” — David Bowie
“Spoonful” – Cream – Written by Willie Dixon
“Sue” — Brian Jonestown Massacre
“Suicide Messiah” — Black Label Society
“Sunday’s Slave” — Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
“Surfin’ on Heroin” — Forgotten Rebels

“Tension Head” — Queens of the Stone Age
“That Ol’ White Line” — Motorpsycho
“The Destruction of a Person” — Superjoint Ritual
“The Dope Feels Good” — The Warlocks
“The Saga” — The Libertines
“There She Goes” — The La’s
“These Blues” — Spiritualized
“Things’ll Never Be The Same” — Spacemen 3
“This is the Place” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Through With Buzz” — Steely Dan
“Tom Violence” — Sonic Youth
“Tombstone Blues” — Bob Dylan
“Tonight’s the Night” — Neil Young
“Too High Too Fly” — Dokken
“Too Much Junkie Business” — The Heartbreakers
“Too Much of Nothing” — Bob Dylan, covered by Peter, Paul, & Mary
“Tragick Magick” — Dr. John with Hank Crawford

“Under the Bridge” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
“USA” — The Pogues
“Use the Man” — Megadeth

“Voodoo” — Godsmack

“Waitin For My Man” — The Velevet Underground (buying heroin)
“Walking With Jesus” — Spacemen 3
“Wasted Time” — Skid Row
“We’ll Have a Riot Doing Heroin” — The Queers
“White Horse” — Laid Back (also as “Don’t Ride the White Horse”)
“White Punks on Dope” — The Tubes
“White Trash” — Southern Culture on the Skids
“Wild Horses” — The Rolling Stones
“World’s On Heroin” — ALL
“Would?” — Alice in Chains

“Your Own Backyard” — Dion
“You Were On My Mind” — We Five

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9 thoughts on “Opiates & Music

  • Also, “Confortably Numb” Isn’t about Heroin, though the lyrics strongly suggest it.

    Actually, It’s about when before a show in Philadelphia, Roger Waters got really sick, and had a Doctor come inject him with some medicine which ended up making him feel even worse, making him sweat a lot through his hands and he couldn’t play…look it up if you don’t believe me he talked about it in an interview…he knew people would take it as Heroin though so really it has a double meaning, like most of these songs do :)

  • I know of 2 not on the list –

    “Crash Into Me” Dave Matthews Band (Heroin)

    “I’m So Tired” The Beatles (Opiate Withdrawl)

  • The Widow- The Mars Volta its about a friend of the band who O.D’d on heroin and went into a coma then later killed hisself

  • “Indigo Friends” by the Reverend Horton Heat should be on here.
    “Nurture My Pig” by the same band should not.

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