OxyContin FAQ


  1. What is OxyContin?
  2. What strengths does OxyContin come in?
  3. What is the difference between oxycodone and OxyContin?
  4. What is the difference between OxyContin and Percocet?
  5. What does the OXY and CONTIN in OxyContin stand for?

What is OxyContin?

OxyContinOxyContin, manufactured by Purdue Pharma, is a controlled-release formulation of oxycodone effective for 12 hours of pain management. Instant-release formulations, such as Percocet and Tylox, are effective for only 4-6 hours, which results in four to six doses per day. With OxyContin, the medication only needs to be taken twice a day, which simplifies the process for the patient. Though oxycodone has been used since 1917, no time-release formulation was available until December 1995, when OxyContin was introduced as a Schedule II substance in the United States. OxyContin is approved for the treatment of moderate or severe pain, though it is only used in cases of chronic severe pain.

What strengths is OxyContin supplied in?

OxyContin is supplied in seven strengths: 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, and 80 mg. A blue-colored 160 mg formulation was available up until May 2001, when it was discontinued for safety reasons. Each tablet is a different color: (1) 10 mg – white, (2) 15 mg – gray, (3) 20 mg – pink, (4) 30 mg – brown, (5) 40 mg – yellow, (6) 60 mg – red, (7) 80 mg – green. Many of the companies involved in the manufacture of the generic equivalent employ the same color scheme, but not all, so it is always wise to double-check using the Oxycodone Pill Identification Guide.

What is the difference between oxycodone and OxyContin?

OxyContin is merely the brand name under which Purdue Pharma chooses to market its product.  The active opioid ingredient in OxyContin is oxycodone, the same chemical used in Percocet, Tylox, and other popular opioid analgesics.

What is the difference between OxyContin and Percocet?

As stated earlier, OxyContin is a controlled-release formulation containing oxycodone.  It contains doses of oxycodone ranging from 10-80 mg.  Percocet is an instant-release oxycodone formulation, but with doses ranging from 2.5-10 mg.  Compared with OxyContin, Percocet contains a second active ingredient—acetaminophen (Tylenol).  One crushed 10 mg OxyContin tablet is comparable to one 10 mg Percocet tablet.

Some individuals mistakenly believe that abusing Percocet is somehow safer than abusing OxyContin.  In some circles, Percocet may even be socially acceptable, where OxyContin is demonized.  In the end, both formulations contain the same opioid—oxycodone.  Individuals abusing Percocet who also have a high tolerance are forced to take increasingly large doses of acetaminophen, a drug known to cause severe liver damage.  Both Percocet and OxyContin use the same opioid ingredient to achieve analgesia, and both are extremely dangerous when abused.

What does the OXY and CONTIN in OxyContin stand for?

The OXY in OxyContin is a reference to its active opioid ingredient, oxycodone. The word CONTIN, which is also seen in other continuous-release medications such as MS Contin (controlled-release morphine), refers to “continuous.”  CONTIN indicates that the medication is continuously released over the course of a specified period of time, rather than instantaneously like Percocet and Tylox.

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24 thoughts on “OxyContin FAQ

  • Hi all
    I want to address a very old comment by “Vivian” from 2010, September.

    Here is the comment:

    “to all you out there on pain medication, the new oxycotin that is out now is great, if you are taking your meds the way you are suppose to be you should have no problem with it, i can only imagine all the people out there that are going to start sueing just because they cant abuse it anymore and make things hard for all of us who really do need it BUT IT WAS A GREAT MED WHEN IT WAS BEING ABUSED AND SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY IS SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Vivian, that scenario may work for YOU. Remember each person is an individual with a different reaction to different things. It’s sort of like putting five people in a kitchen & giving them the supplies to make a cake. You will get five different cakes.
    Now in my case with the formulation was changed

    (BTW I do not “abuse nor sell” my meds. But I do have something called a “gastric bypass” with over 7 feet of small intestine that is bypassed. Basically it is a set up for malnutrition to loose weight, which I have lost A LOT of weight! Downside is 2/3 rds of the medicines I take…… Well let’s just say that it….. Slides right on out, usually unprocessed. I have to take THREE of something to equal ONE in a person not wired up the way I am.)

    There has been a change without question in the formulation of the OP version.
    It has had an effect on the absorption & how much of say, a 10mg. Tablet I might pick up on an OxyContin.

    So to imply that people who take their meds as prescribed “should have no problem with it” is a very misleading statement.

    I had to be switched after 5 to 6 successful years with the OC formulation to MS Contin. I am a 10 + year chronic pain patient that does as told & stays inside the regulations.

    I even INSIST that my PCP & PM doctor see me once a month & beg for random testing as I want them to have no doubts that I am a very low risk & I will cooperate with anything to keep the DEA from crawling up their….. Practice with a microscope.

    I consider it a privilege to have a doctor that is willing to not stand by & watch me suffer.

    Believe me, if I were to start to tell you everything I have had found in MRIs & how many surgeries that doctors want to perform on me, you would either be speechless or not believing it.

    I will not bore you with that, except to say that one surgery I need is a “thoractomy”.
    Sawing out a rib, three months minimum down & less than 50/50 of fixing the T10 – T12 damage.

    At the age of 33 my ORTHOPAEDIC doctor said he had seen three like mine in 25 years & mine was the worst he had ever seen.

    I never thought of “suing Perdue”. I just spent over 18 months working to find something that would help.

    That was the tragedy of the re formulation is that the people that WERE doing as they were supposed to had to pay for the small majority of those who were abusing the tablets.

    The media played on fears & hyped up until OxyContin was changed.

    As always the ones doing right paid for the few idiots abusing the meds.

    Thanks for your time,

  • I didn’t get to read everyone but did a few. Your doctor’s know best. Be aware the 12 hour pills put you at a DUI risk all day. Mixing them with Xanax or other drugs is gonna dilate pupils and raise red flags. Be safe and stay home or find a ride. The authorized script will not help you anymore than being authorized to drink. They are highly addictive pain or not. Withdrawal is no fun. Do take as needed more so than as directed. That will help to keep you from addiction. I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s party but I’ve been there. The party does end. I hope all of you become pain free or beat your disease.

  • Also…20mg oxycotin, is a poor substitute to what you are use to. That’s 20mg over 12 hours instead of your 50mg over 4 hours. You should have an 80mg or at the end of march look into the HYDROCODONE controlled release 12 hour pills. The name begins with a Z.

  • In answer to the first comment. ..
    NORCO is a different family of pills. They are HYDROCODONE not Oxy, which IF I understand correctly, is more of a synthetic version of Oxy. Also Vicodin, Loratab, Vicoprophen, & generic HYDROCODONE. I’m guessing in your case you adapted to them. Oxy is 5 times stronger which means no pain just different feeling. Also NORCO is about the best in using minimal over the counter mixture or fillers in the HYDROCODONE family. Until they release it’s answer to oxycotin. ZOHYDRO or something like that name. Otherwise 10mg was it’s max and always had a filler.

  • I have read all the comments here and I haven’t seen any mention of norco 10/325. I have been diagnosed with chronic back pain and Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ankylosing-spondylitis/DS00483).
    In any event, I was taking the norcos for at least 5 years now and I started taking 3,4 even 5 at a time because my pain was so severe at times. Especially during the winter months. So, I went to my doctor and told him this he looked at me first with concern that I have become an addict since I was taking such a high dose, but really seen that the days I went without when my script was being filled….that I had pain so bad I couldn’t get out of bed and several visits to ER. Anyways, through all that he has changed my pain mgmnt plan to 20mg OxyContin. It helps but for me it doesn’t work as well as the norcos did….can anyone tell me why? Thank you and I wish all of us can be pain-free someday… :/


  • I have a question if you please. Of course I have MRI and CAt Scans and many things substantiating reason for taking Opiates. I take 20 mg three times a day to ease the pain, Oxycodone 10mg/325. My dr game me something else to try for break through and that was oxycodone 10mg without tylenol told me to take 2 twice a day which would be 20 mg without tyleno. This worked find for one month but found it hard to find a pharmacy that had it. So the next month he gave me the same but gave me for breakthrough pain Oxycontin 10mg. Here’s my question, since I was talking 2 Oxycodone 10 mg for breakthrough can I take 2 tablets of the 10 mg Oxycontin with no problems or should I cut them in half for the same affect. I see much about cutting but since I’m used to high doses would that hurt me to take 2 Oxcontin 10mg with no problem or should I cut them up and just take two. If I explain this to my doctor he would be confused.
    Thank you

  • Is there a 15 miligram Roxi, available, that is white in color? I have only saw 15 milis in green. Swim, says they have 15 mili Roxis, and they are white… I am thinking that this may be Oxycodone and not Roxi, which makes a big difference if you cannot tolerate all of the apap in the Oxycodone. I know there are generic forms of alot of pain meds now, so it is very confusing.

  • Hi there everyone! I have Ostoeartritis in my Jawbones, both sides, no disks , I am bone on bone and believe me the pain is UNBEARABLE. I cannot eat, I have trouble talking , I am losing some control of many of my facial muscles, even brushing my teeth is a hardship. I had jaw surgery in Nov. 2010 and it has failed badly. So, I have finally gotten my Dr. to give me Oxycontin 20mg. for 1 week to try. I had tried Fentynl patches in Dec., but,I started having breathing problms, so that had to go. I was taking Percocet 10/325 for about 1 year and Soma and Klonopin. I also have been to a pain Dr. all of last summer, and injecting these areas was excruciating and sent me to Urgent care several times after. Of course I had to have them on the phone to instruct them of what to do , and to give them permission, since pain Dr. make you sign a contract that no other Dr. will treat you for pain.I also, took drugs test at every visit. I am praying this will help me, the main question I have for you guys is the sleeping problems some of you are having with this drug. How many of you have this? I am desperately trying to stay working full time as I have debt big time from all of this. Without sleep, I would not be able to function. And anyone who does get that, what are you doing to help you sleep??? I would love an answer asap, as I am kinda worried about this. Thank you!!! Hope you all are having a relatively pain free day!

  • I have been taking oxycontin 20’s 4x day for unrelenting pain these past 9 year’s. I hate the stigma of taking any narcotic pain pill but i hate the pain more. I had read so much about the new op’s and was frightened of them. 6 month’s ago i finally had to go to the new op’s. They were not as strong as the original but i was relieved that i didn’t get sick taking them. Now after 6 month’s i have noticed severe itching and blood sugar and blood pressure has never been so high.I take blood pressure med’s..is the new op’s blocking my diabetes and blood pressure med’s? Also i just suffered a severe case of intestinal blockage..it felt my intestines were being ripped inside out. Am wondering if the gel in the new op’s has caused blockage. Is anyone else becoming ill after taking the new oxycontin?

  • It does not say “crush and snort” on the label of my oxycontin tablets. This might be why you became addicted to it.

  • I suffer from severe back injuries in my lumbar and thoracic spine. I have also had major surgeries to my abdominal muscles from a near death peritonitis incident that hernIated and required a kevlar patch that is now full of adhesions. I live with unbearable pain. I now take 5 milligram doses of oxycodon 2 or 3 at a time and can function at my job (I own a restaurant long hours and 6 days a week) I find that a larger dose in the morning helps me get mobile and able to be social without being miserable. I read all of this stuff from people who obviously dont and haven’t suffered from real pain, it is a monster and the relief of it and its possible side effects greatly outweighs a life of misery. I have been taking the pain meds for 12 yearsand am a productive happy person when not overwhelmed by pain. However I think I need a different approach. I have heard that oxycontin is time released. Would i be better off with a larger dose of that rather than taking 2 or3 mls in the am and 5 ml every hour to get keep the pain from taking over. THE government is involved in the dispensing of this medication and scares docs into just treating the poor Bastards who need help. I have considered retiring to anther country that lets people br responsible for their own lives, where might that be?

  • I think the discontinuation of the original o.c. pills was the smartest thing anyone could have did. I became addicted to oxycontin in the summer of 2004 after only a few times of crushing and snorting the o.c. 80 tablet. I soon began to withdraw myself from friends and family unless you were a friend with the same interest in getting high. I soon began to realize that the only way for me to continue to do the pill was to sell it. And so I rounded up 500 dollars and purchased 10 oxy 80s at 50 a piece. I began selling them at 65 a piece and so I was making money and staying high. After only a couple weeks I was buying 50 pills at a time and a couple weeks after that a hundred at a time. With the increasing amount of product I was buying so was the money increasing and the addiction. Before I realized it my addiction had spiraled out of control and weny from 1 o.c. 80 a day to about 6 a day with xanax on top of that. I didnt see the problem because I thought of an addict as someone who was always broke because of the drug. I thougjt how could I possibly be an addict with the amount of money I am making? I bought cars, guns, and about anything I wanted with drugs because so many people were willing to give up their nice things for the drug. I guess I preyed on the weak and I got what was coming to me. In April of 2010 I was stopped by an officer for a simple traffic violation and after a check on my liscence revealed a suspension he had the right to search my vehicle. I was arrested for possesion with intent to distrubute oxycontin and prohibited person in possesion of a firearm, a 40 caliber pistol. Upon my arrival at the police station I was greeted by 2 drug task force officers that informed me that there were 2 active warrants for my arrest for distributing oxycontin pills. As it turns out one of my very good friends had got caught with a pill right after buying it from me and decided to make a couple of purchases for the police. Now I am on bond and facing a total sentence of 9 to 60 years. I dont blame anyone but myself but I just want people to know the huge impact oxycontin has on people. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

  • I have quite a bit of pain, and I have been on oxycontin 20mg’s and 10mgs. When it is real bad I will take both, but if I don’t need it, I only take a 10mg oxycontin. A pain management doc changed my meds and due to it, I missed 3 days worth of work. I was so miserable! This time of year I go to the 20’s and 10’s , but in the summer I try to stay more on oxycodone 10mgs during the day and then 2 at night to sleep. Just filled the script and BCBS denied my 10’s completely with no reason and changed to OP instead of OC and filled only the 20’s. I won’t have enough pain meds this month, so I am cutting in half and trying to only take 10 mgs during the day when possible.
    Don’t want those docs shootting crap into my spine! I have friends who have had that done for 10-15K and it doesn’t work on most people. What a waste of money. I have been on pain meds for a long time and I try to not use them when I don’t need, started swimming in the summer and that helps a little, but it is getting worse (pain) Now I will have to figure out what to do since insurance companies are dictating what I get and how much. I would like to wish my pain and others pain on the ones who make choices for us. I am working because I can keep pain level down. If I can’t keep the pain level down I will be on disability. Can’t work with this kind of pain. Bad enough also have neurological pain in feet (not too much helps that.)

  • Wow, it’s so nice to talk to and post w/others that use oxycodone…(15 mg).
    But y’all seem to be haggling over identifying them? Just wondering why…?
    I have been on the same dose for about a year now, and it’s sort of like
    baby aspirin @ this point, but my Doc says they ‘don’t come any stronger’,
    which I’m assuming means he won’t write for anything stronger. I see a pain
    doc for a year at a time. These are all guys just outta school doing their
    internships, or clinicals-or something. And each one tries to change my treat-
    ment plan first off. Then it’s months of just going in and getting my fills
    the requirement being that I see a primary doc every 90 days or something.
    Well, good night all of you interesting folks.—–Jean (or gknee)

  • Hello everyone,
    I am absolutely on the side of the individual who stated that it is going to be hard to get or receive medication for those of us that are actually in pain.. (LEGALLY) that is.. I also know that OxyContin pill Milligrams go as follows: 10mg(I believe its white),15mg(grey),20mg(pink), 40mg(yellow), 60mg(red), 80mg(teal/green). The new OxyContin 80’s are the same tealish green color, still the same size and yet the only difference is it says OP on the opposite side of the milligrams instead of OC. Now onto the roxycodone. Roxycodone is an immediate release oxycodone tablet usually used for breakthrough pain. These come in 5mg(white), 15mg(green) and last but not least 30mg(blue). Roxy’s say a number of things on them, they have blue 30mg tablets that say “V” on one side and 48/12 on the other. Another brand says “M” on one side than 30 on the other. The next is a blue 30mg as well but this one just says “K 9″ on one side and nothing on the other. Now mind you all of these Roxycodone’s are about a millimeter smaller around as a number 2 pencil eraser. Then last but not least is the last blue 30mg tablet. It says on one side only “A 215″ and thats that for Roxy’s. The 15mg tablets are the same size but are light green. The “V’s” say 48/11 on them, the “M’s” say 15 on the other side, the “A” says “A 214″, and the “K’s” say “K 8″. There are so many kinds of Roxy’s that it would take me forever to go over all of them.. These are the main ones and most popular. Please do not use my information for illegal use as in identifying pills you are buying… I just wanted to make sure the idividuals above on this webpage got the best description about roxy’s and learned how to identify them. Thanks for reading my reply and please feel free to comment..

    Thanks again,

    Bradley Thompson

  • What will the effect of the new oxycotin 80 mg. be versus the old ones and will they one day stop making them soon. or do you think the old ones will be back. i have been getting them for cronic pain for about 6 months my next refill is coming up.

  • to all you out there on pain medication, the new oxycotin that is out now is great, if you are taking your meds the way you are suppose to be you should have no problem with it, i can only imagine all the people out there that are going to start sueing just because they cant abuse it anymore and make things hard for all of us who really do need it BUT IT WAS A GREAT MED WHEN IT WAS BEING ABUSED AND SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY IS SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Primary care Doctor, moved to another state, he referred me to a pain management Doctor, who gave me MANY trigger point shot’s – epidurals- pain block shot’s- spinal shots- ALL this took place in a hospital, on an operating table, which was under a local anesthesia ( twilight sleep), it was toradol, THAT DID NOT WORK!, I TOLD HIM I COULD FEEL EVERYTHING HE WAS DOING, THE 1ST TIME ,the doctor had the medical staff that was in the operating room , hold my leg’s down, because if I would have moved, I could have been paralyzed!!.all through this I was given a prescription of methadone 10mg per day, with my new primary care Doctor giving me a prescription of loratab 10/500- for breakthrough pain. after 1 and a half to 2 year’s of these shots, I told the pain management Doctor that the procedures he was performing at the hospital, were not lasting as long as they used to, they would usually last 2 to 3 week’s, now they are lasting 1 to 2 day’s at most, he released me as a patient, and told me he could not give me the medication without the procedures! he gave me the names of other doctors & told me I needed to be on the suboxon program, I was fine with that, anything to stop this chronic pain, little did I know that every Doctor offering this program, doe’s not take medicare, check’s,credit card’s….. nothing but cash! & lot’s of it, LOT’S!!!!!.after going to other Doctor’s, I tried to see if there were any Doctor’s, that accepted medicare, YES! ONE!!! so I made the appt, went to his office,this so called Doctor, asked me a wide variety of questions, then he started asking me sexual questions, such as : were you molested as a child? what age? by whom? how long did this go on? needless to say I was very pissed off!!!!! he had me take a urine test right then at his office, which I had no problem with, when he came back into the room, he said I don’t know what I’m going to do with you right now , let me think,I waited & then he looked at his watch & said: I want you to go home & bring me ALL of your medication,we will dispose of it then I will give you a prescription of MY METHADONE! I told him that I didn’t think I would make it back in time, before his office closed, he said o.k. then I’ll see you when we open up! needless to say I never went back, I have went to the methadone clinic, other Doctors, they all tell me they cant help me, I need to see a pain management Doctor. so here I sit ! lost ,pissed off & no one to turn to , in GOD AWFUL PAIN – JUST EXISTING!!! I wrote this in hopes that maybe somebody , somewhere can point me in the right direction, I have been offered Oxycontin, pain pumps, you name it! but with all the addicts out there , it makes it hard for a person with legitimate reason for receiving pain meds , in my case it is methadone, one 10mg tablet lasts me a whole day without pain!!!!!oh yeah I didn’t mention that my new primary care Doctor does not have the license to prescribe methadone. any suggestions????????

  • RHey Greg. My family owns a pharmacy. You pretty much hit the nail on the head w the colors. Oxy 15’s are green amd 30s are blue/white depending on the company. They usually say oxycodon rather than oxycontin in the bottle. I the to be the bearer of bad news, but theres a new 80mg generic that says OP 80. They’re about to be the only 80’s around. They are discontinuing the original 80s for good. Actually happened the 15th of August. It’s a fucking epedemic. People are panicing cuz of this. They street value is going to go waaaaay down when the new generic become more prevalent. However, the old 80s are still around, leaving the street value to skyrocket. They are going for 100 dollars steady where Im from. When bouht In bulk before the new one came out, they were no more than $50-55. This s what Ive heard everywhere. If n e one know more about this, please post.

  • The Perdue OC 15’s are actually Grey. The Green 15’s are instant-release oxycodone, or “Roxis”

  • @Greg Thanks for the comments. We have fixed the mistake. As for the new dosages of OxyContin, while we do not have them on this page, we do have them in our pill imprint guides. We will update this information sometime soon. Thanks again!

  • Your information is a little out dated. 160mg are gone but they have more than just 10, 20, 40, 80mg OC’s. If you want to get up to date they have 15, 30, and 60’s now. I am not 100% sure of their colors. I believe 30’s are brown and 60’s are red. I have never seen a 15 but I know they are out there. That leaves oxycontin at 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 80. They all look the same with the little OC on one side and the millgram on the other.

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